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Barry M Sunset Collection Swatches and Review

Barry M Sunset Collection

Press Sample

Today I've got swatches of the brand new Sunset Daylight Curing collection from Barry M to share with you! Find out what on earth that means with my FAQ ahead!

You probably have a few questions about how these polishes work, so I've written a quick FAQ:

What does daylight curing mean?

It basically means the polish, along with the special topcoat, cures in natural daylight (like gel nails but without the need for a UV light) They will also cure in your room's artificial light.

Can I use the Daylight Curing topcoat with other polish?

No, it's for use with sunset polishes only. By all means conduct your own experiments though! 

Can I use the polishes as regular polishes with regular topcoat?

I don't see why not, if you wanted to do that 

How long does it need to cure?

Approx 2-5 minutes in daylight. 

How long do they take to dry?

Once the topcoat is applied they dry very fast - touch dry in under a minute!

Do I need basecoat?

No, the special formula of the polish bonds to the nail like a gel. 

How do I remove them?

With regular nail polish remover. No acetone or soaking involved. 

How long do they last?

Up to 10 days, though bear in mind results will vary from person to person, not everyone is the same!

This post is initially just to give you info and show the colours, I'll be updating it with how long they lasted on my nails in a few days time (my right hand is currently testing out a shade, over 24 hours with no chips so far)

(Update on wear time: Ok, I tested out a shade on my right hand and I got to 5 days before the chips became noticeable. 5 days to me seems pretty good! Let me know your results!)

The formula of the polish itself is perfection, the smoothest of smooth cremes! They're very pigmented and all perfect in 2 coats (with the exception of Do It Like a Nude). We also see the return of the flat brush (first seen in the Speedy Quick Dry collection) which is just wonderful and makes neat application so much easier. 

Ok, on to the swatches!

Do It Like a Nude is a french manicure-esque, sheer nude. You'll need 3-4 coats of this one but it's very easy to build up. This is 4 thin coats plus the daylight curing topcoat, which as you can see is super glossy!

Barry M Do It Like a Nude

I've Been Pinkin' is a bright barbie pink. This is 2 coats plus topcoat

Barry M I've Been Pinkin

The Way You Make Me Teal is a super pretty bright teal, and wow was this difficult to capture! This is pretty accurate but in the interest of transparency I'd say it leans a bit more green in real life. 2 coats plus top coat

Barry M The Way You Make Me Teal

Peach For The Stars is a bright coral pink. I just love shades like this, this one will be sneaking into my suitcase this year! 2 coats plus topcoat

Barry M Peach For The Stars

Fuchsia Generation is a deep raspberry shade, supremely glossy! 2 coats plus topcoat

Barry M Fuchsia Generation

You Drive Me Navy is an inky navy blue, so beautiful! 2 coats plus topcoat

Barry M You Drive Me Navy

Can't Get You Out Of My Red is a classic bright red, with a more jelly-like formula than the others. 2 coats plus top coat

Barry M Can't Get You Out Of My Red

Barry M Sunset Collection

I'm intrigued by this collection, daylight curing polish seems to be the new in-thing right now (I have at least 2 other brands with similar collections waiting to be swatched) so I can't wait to see how long they actually last! The colours may not be very exciting but bear in mind new fancy colours isn't the point of this collection - the 7 shades are core colours and designed to give us some basics to use with this system. The formula is wonderful and can't be faulted! 

What do you think, will you be picking any of these up?

My picks: Peach For The Stars, You Drive Me Navy, The Way You Make Me Teal


- Available now from Superdrug
- Available in Boots from April 15th
- £4.99 each, top coat sold separately (also £4.99)



  1. I love Peach For The Stars and Fuchsia Generation, so gorgeous!

    1. Peach For The Stars is definitely my favourite!

  2. I'm very curious to hear your experiences on these shades and how they'll wear!

    1. I'm really hoping they last as well as they claim!

  3. oh my word peach for the stars is stunning! x

  4. I've already swatched "Like a Nude" and am on nearly 5 days of wear out of it. Had a tiny chip on the corner of my left index finger this morning, but an hour later the actual nail peeled slightly so don't think the polish itself was to blame there. I'm trying for the 10 days and will be updating my blog when it finally goes; very impressed so far. Not thrilled with the other colours so didn't get them but not because they're not nice, I just already have similar ones and as you point out, I'm sure they will expand the range.

    1. That's good to hear, I hope they work as well on me!

  5. Your swatches are to die for!! I've always been skeptical to daylight curing polishes. It will be interesting to see what you think about them! Peach for the stars is hands down my favorite in this collection! xx

    1. Thank you Bella! I feel the same, but I'm really hoping they do as they claim!

  6. I love this collection, i defiantly want these soon =]

  7. I love Barry M cremes, so I would expect nothing less than superb formulas from them for this new line. I actually thing that nude is my favorite! It's gorgeous!

  8. Like a Nude is my favourite favourite favourite!!!! xax

  9. Great post! I'm really loving Peach For The Stars <3

  10. These gel-like, no-light systems are really "in" right now! I never wear polish for that long, so I don't really care about the wear time, but the colors in this collection are so pretty though...squishy and shiny!

  11. Verrrry interesting. I have yet to try out any polishes that require a special curing topcoat or process but these are appealing! I love the varied color range that they are offering.

  12. Bought peach for the stars and topcoat from boots last week, so if you're lucky they might be in your local store already :)

  13. The shine on these is just gorgeous! What a fab idea! I love every colour in the range as if I'd compiled it myself. *Counts pennies* :oD

  14. Barry M are my favourite brand by far for nail polishes, I'm loving the Speedy Quick Dry range, and this one looks equally amazing! I think peach for the stars might be the one :)

    xx Susan | Growing Daydreams

  15. can't wait to try on my own! :)

  16. I've just picked up the nude shade and the top coat. so excited to try these out!

  17. Well, your swatches are on another level. As always. Interesting new formula, and I also like the shades.

  18. Do it like a nude is my favourite. :)

  19. When I first heard about these I was completely uninterested but now I see your swatches I totally get it. The coral one looks amazing on you Allie!

  20. They look really exciting. I wonder if they will work over my nail tek citra 3 because I have to wear a treatment base coat to stop me nails breaking.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I have tred the teal and pink, both looked amazing. Wear was approx 10 days although a little chip appeared after 5/7 days i touched up and no ridges or lines noticable. Love theae will be added all oolours to my collection


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