Friday 10 April 2015

SV By Sparkly Vernis Frosted Sweets Collection Swatches and Review

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I should have labelled this indie month because the indies are coming thick and fast to my blog lately! Today I've got some holos from SV By Sparkly Vernis from her debut Winter 2014 collection to share with you.

Sparkly Vernis was one of the very first nails blogs I ever read, and one of the first bloggers I ever spoke with (must be going on 3 years ago now, maybe more) I remember some of the first ever comments on my blog coming from miss SV, so I'm really happy to be swatching some of her creations! Now, I do not consider myself particularly wonderful at swatching holos. Some girls out there do it SO beautifully that I don't think I could ever compete, but as always I do my best!

The formula on these polishes is dreamy, easy to apply with no drag. The linear holo effect is very strong and at its best in direct sunlight and under certain kinds of indoor lighting (the lights in my kitchen send holo CRAZY, shame they make my skin look bright yellow!) I've taken mine indoors under a daylight bulb, and I've included an outdoor shot.

Gilded Lemon Drops is a cool toned gold with a silvery undertone. In low light the gold is darker, and outdoors it's much more silvery. I've used 2 coats, no topcoat (I later read on SV that topcoat will bring the holo out more...I realised too late for my swatches, though I can't imagine the holo being any stronger than it already is!)


Periwinkle Sprinkles (I love that name so much!) is a periwinkle blue, and the most holo of the ones I tried. 2 coats plus top coat


Cotton Candy Sugar is a sweet lilac shade with pink undertones. This is my favourite, I think it's my first lilac holo! 2 coats, no top coat


These are super intense holo polishes, the linear burn is stronger than my pictures suggest! The colours are beautiful and the formula is great - no complaints from me here.

What do you think, are you still a sucker for holo?


- Available now in the UK from Rainbow Connection
- Also available from Sparkly Vernis

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  1. I love holos in every shade! and these three are also gorgeous :)

  2. Shut up, you did an amazing job with these. The holo looks gorgeous <3 thanks for introducing me to Sparkly Vernis I'm definitely checking them out!

  3. These are stunning! What great polishes!

  4. Oooooh my gosh these are fabulous!! Periwinkle Sprinkles is the cutest name ever!!!

  5. Periwinkle Sprinkles is just so beautiful!! And like yourself, love the name, too ;)

  6. I have to say, I love when bloggers come out with their own line of polishes - they know what the people want! Haha. These shades look beautiful and the packaging is professional. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of holos! Haha.

  7. These are so pretty, oh my! I just love a good holo and your pictures are mesmerizing <3.

  8. Periwinkle Sprinkles is just awesome ... and your photos are pretty darn fabulous too!

  9. Cotton Candy Sugar is definitely my favorite too !! Thank you for these amazing swatches !


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