Monday 27 August 2012

1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway Winner!

Do you like the strategically placed "Winner" text over my original picture...I'm so good at graphic design it kills me. 

The giveaway is over, thank you so much to everyone who entered, the response was better than I imagined! And as usual, I'm sorry to those who didn't win :( I have more giveaways planned for the future :)

The winner is! - 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well done Vicky! Email has been sent, please respond within 48 hours :)


Sunday 26 August 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop - Junkyard - Swatches and Review

Hello! I spotted this polish while shopping with my Mum in Topshop. It's one of four gorgeous glitters in a special collection by designer Louise Gray.

The polish itself is packed with large, medium and small hexagonal blue/turquoise glitter, with an iridescent sparkle. The base has a slight blue tint, but would probably need about 500 coats to replicate how it looks in the bottle! Therefore I've layered it over China Glaze Sexy In The City for this post, and I think it's pretty close to the bottle. You could probably layer it over any sort of blue/turquoise/green and it'd look great.

In my pictures I have 3 coats of Sexy In The City, and 2 coats of Junkyard.

Outdoors in sunlight - 

Louise Gray Topshop Junkyard

Indoors in natural light -

Outdoors in sunlight (looks like a jelly sandwich!) -

The formula was great, no bubbling and 1 coat of top coat smoothed it out.

This is what it looks like on it's own, 2 coats - 

Louise Gray Topshop Junkyard

Just a very slight blue tint to the base, not worth trying to build up on your nails really.

A couple more outdoor pictures (click to enlarge) - 

Louise Gray Topshop Junkyard

Louise Gray Topshop Junkyard

It comes in a cute bottle with a metallic lid! -

Louise Gray Topshop Junkyard

I love this and want to get the rest in the collection! These polishes cost £6.50 for 8ml. 

P.s. not long left to enter my giveaway!


Friday 24 August 2012

New from Models Own - Mirrorball Collection

I'm sure you've all already seen this by now, but I'm so excited for it I just HAD to have it on my blog! LOOK HOW SPARKLY! (I am seriously like a magpie over this sort of stuff).

Picture from the Models Own Facebook page

Here's what Models Own has to say about it - 

NEW! The MIRRORBALL Collection, a completely unique glide-on glitter that will revitalise your entire polish collection! Wear alone or over your favourite colour polish to give a frosting finish, taking nails from boring to BLING! 

Each polish contains five different chunky colours of hand-cut glitter that are guaranteed to get the party started: 

Disco Inferno, a glittery gold disco bomb
Hot Stuff, an intoxicating mix of pink and gold sparkles
Freak Out, a crystal shimmer mix of bold blue and purple; 
Dancing Queen, fabulous flecks of emerald, blue and gold
Boogie Nights, a multicoloured mix of intriguing purple, pink and blue! 

The Mirrorball Collection launches (with LIMITED EDITION metallic coloured caps!) exclusively at the Models Own Bottleshop on Thursday, September 6th, on the Models Own website from Monday, September 10th and in Boots stores nationwide from Wednesday, October 3rd. 

I can't wait! I live nowhere near the Bottleshop so I'll have to wait but I'm excited to try them. I think I'm most excited for Dancing Queen. Will you be buying any of these?


Thursday 23 August 2012

NV - New UK cosmetics brand - Swatches and Review

Hello! Today I have a review and some swatches from a new UK cosmetics brand called NV. 

Click the jump for the post! If that pretty packaging doesn't lure you in I don't know what will...


Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sea Green Glitter - Birthday Nails!

It's my Birthday today (I'm old) and this probably isn't what you'd picture for birthday nails but it's just what I ended up with!

The base is an unnamed colour by Maybelline MNY, and I sponged some Models Own Peacock Green on the tips. When it was dry I added some Models Own Juicy Jules

With flash - 

Juicy Jules is quite a gritty glitter, but the result is it ends up looking like little diamonds! 


Monday 20 August 2012

Pink Gradient With a Twist

Hello! I've busted out the pink again today...I just can't help myself. I'm quite girly really. 

Base colour is Rimmel Strawberry Fizz, then I sponged on some Color Club Wing Fling to make the gradient. My ring finger is Color Club Wing Fling, stamped with Konad special polish black and a design from Bundle Monster plate 201.

Mind that gap on my index finger eh. 

P.s. There's still time to enter my giveaway :)



Thursday 16 August 2012

Pink Roses

Hi! I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed by how many people have entered my giveaway...I feel bad there's only one prize! There were more entries for this one in 1 day than in the whole 7 days last time. Lawd. Make sure you enter though if you haven't already! 

Today I've got some more stamping from the 2012 Bundle Monster plates. I used Essie Blanc as a base, and for stamping I used ManGlaze Lesbihonest (one of my favourite polishes ever!) and a rose design from BM-323.

I love the rose design! And ManGlaze is so good for stamping. Do you have any favourite designs from the new BM plates?


Monday 13 August 2012

1 Year Blogiversary Glittery Giveaway!

My 1 year blogiversary is here already! Well, it was yesterday actually but I didn't have time to organise this until today. I'm quite shocked that I'm still doing this a year later, given my ability to get bored very fast! It feels like something I'll always do now though, like it's part of the furniture or something. 

I'm also shocked that I have so many followers across all the social networks I use for my blog after just a year. It may not seem a lot to some but it is to me! So thank you to everyone who follows, you're all super duper amazing pretty unicorns. 

And so onto the giveaway! I decided on a glitter theme, so each polish is fabulously sparkly. One person can win all 4 of these Barry M glitters, and it's open internationally! 

Just fill out the Rafflecopter (isn't that the best name for anything ever?) form below.
You can earn up to 7 entries and it's open for 2 weeks! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday 10 August 2012

Disco Tiger

It's the return of the stupid mani names! Just what are you supposed to call these things? Personally I like giving them silly names, makes it more fun :P and so we have Disco Tiger!

You may notice that the corner of my ring finger nail has snapped off. Oops! The perils of having square (squoval?) nails!

I used colours from the Color Club Take Wing collection - top to bottom: Fly With me, Wing Fling, Sparkle and Soar, Daisy Does It. I then used Konad plate M57 to stamp the tiger print, using Konad special polish. I finished with a top coat of ORLY Sec 'n' Dry. 

I love this mani, I want to wear it forever! It may be a little too loud for the office though :P have a good weekend everyone!


Thursday 9 August 2012

GOSH Galaxy - Swatches

Hi! I have one of the new GOSH polishes today, although I'm sad to say it's one of those that looks better in the bottle. I still like it, and I think it'll make a nice base for some stamping ideas I have, but the bottle paints a much prettier picture. It's also nothing like the promo pictures suggest! Oh well!

It seems to be an almost black, metallic base with shimmery blue and gold particles, and there's also some green in there somewhere (the green barely seemed to show up in my pictures though) It's completely different depending on the light source.

Natural light - 

Direct sunlight -

GOSH Galaxy

You can see the pretty particles here (click to enlarge)

GOSH Galaxy

GOSH Galaxy

The formula was great and it was opaque in two coats, though a little prone to bald spots so you may need an extra coat. I'm not terribly impressed with it but it's nice enough for me to want to keep.


Tuesday 7 August 2012

I heart Jade

Hi! Today's post can be filed under "almost fail" because the stamping didn't work out too well. Stamping is difficult with such stupidly long nail beds, if you don't line it up JUST right, the design won't cover my nail (it's a particular pain with my ring finger) and my nails are insanely curved. Plus I'm just not great at stamping anyway! It's still pretty though, especially if you don't look too closely!

I used Models Own Jade Stone and Snow White for the bases, Konad Special Polish white to stamp over Jade Stone, and Jade Stone to stamp over Snow White. However, JS doesn't make a good stamping polish!  Nevermind. 

The heart design is from BM plate 317.

It still got a compliment when I was buying polishes in TK Maxx! 


Saturday 4 August 2012

a-england Perceval and Lady of The Lake - Swatches

Before I start, my blog has a slightly new look. I just had to go for the pink, I couldn't help myself. I also made some social media buttons for the sidebar. What do you think?

Moving on...

I know that everybody has heard of a-england by now because they're very popular (and rightly so!) but I love my e-englands so much I just had to swatch them. First we have Lady of The Lake and Perceval, of The Mythicals collection, which I recently got in the Mythical Fair sale.

Click the jump for the post!


Thursday 2 August 2012

Gradients and Lasers

Hello! Happy August! This is my birthday month. Bitter sweet...I like Birthdays but I don't like getting older. Sigh! Is anyone bored of gradients yet? I'm not, and I doubt I ever will be! Today I did another, with a laser accent nail.

I used Models Own Mystic Mauve for the base colour, then I sponged on Models Own Black Magic using a make-up sponge (the best way you will ever find to do this is shown here

For the accent nail I applied strips of striping tape and painted over with the black before removing the tape. Easy! I finished with a top coat of ORLY sec 'n dry. 

My one year blog Anniversary (blogiversary?) is coming up on the 12th, so I'm going to try and have a giveaway for that.  
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