Thursday 9 August 2012

GOSH Galaxy - Swatches

Hi! I have one of the new GOSH polishes today, although I'm sad to say it's one of those that looks better in the bottle. I still like it, and I think it'll make a nice base for some stamping ideas I have, but the bottle paints a much prettier picture. It's also nothing like the promo pictures suggest! Oh well!

It seems to be an almost black, metallic base with shimmery blue and gold particles, and there's also some green in there somewhere (the green barely seemed to show up in my pictures though) It's completely different depending on the light source.

Natural light - 

Direct sunlight -

GOSH Galaxy

You can see the pretty particles here (click to enlarge)

GOSH Galaxy

GOSH Galaxy

The formula was great and it was opaque in two coats, though a little prone to bald spots so you may need an extra coat. I'm not terribly impressed with it but it's nice enough for me to want to keep.



  1. I literally just bought this today!

    1. Is yours more green? I've seen swatches where it's really green, but mine just isn't!

  2. Hmmm I agree. This polish seems to be prettier in the bottle, might still end up buying it though :)

  3. I actually really like this polish! I think the amount of what varies bottle to bottle really.

    Lizzums x

  4. I prefer this on the nail to in the bottle!


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