Wednesday 30 May 2012

Harry Potter Nail Art

Hi lovelies! I did these nails in celebration of me going to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. studio tour, which, by the way, was the most AMAZING thing I have ever seen! Anyone who knows me knows I am a complete Harry Potter fangirl (got a tattoo etc.etc.) so I was in my element! It was a beautiful day too so I got to drink Butterbeer on the studio backlot, infront of Number 4, Privet Drive!

These were a bit of a rush job as I didn't have much time to get them done, I was still quite happy with them though. I even used some props! haha

Click to enlarge.

Harry Potter Nail Art

I painted on a lightning bolt, Deathly Hallows symbol, HP symbol and some stripes in the Gryffindor colours (I've always considered myself a Gryffindor since about the age of 12, but as I got older I realised I have Hufflepuff tendencies :P) using a small nail art brush.

Harry Potter Nail Art

The colours I used are - 

Index finger: H&M Golden Treasure and Barry M Black
Middle finger: OPI My Private Jet and Barry M Silver Foil Effects
Ring finger: China Glaze Icicle and black acrylic paint
Little finger: H&M Golden Treasure and China Glaze Winter Berry

Harry Potter Nail Art

Harry Potter Nail Art

Using my Pygmy Puff as a prop!

Here's a picture of me in front of the ACTUAL Mirror of Erised...the ultimate mirror picture!

Now I need to get back to sorting through the 433 pictures I took that day. :\


Tuesday 29 May 2012

New from Barry M - Chameleon Nail Paint

Barry M have just announced a new line of polish on their Facebook page!

This is what they had to say:

"Very excited to share with you our NEWEST nail effect nail paint CHAMELEON!! 2 colours in 1, simply brush a stroke of clear nail paint over one coat to see a new colour appear! In Superdrug and Boots next week. Colours include Pink, Lilac and Blue. Lid indicates the shade your nail paint will change to."

What do you think of this? Do any other brands currently have something similar?


Thursday 24 May 2012

Pink and Lime Leopard Sparkle

Hello lovelies. Ugh, allow me a small rant for a minute. My tribal nails (these ones) are all over instagram and weheartit, with the watermark removed and even people re-creating the exact design and claiming everything as their own. Which is annoying in itself, but when you call them out on it, they have the cheek to say "Oh, it's on weheartit, if it's on there it means you can take it" uh, does it?? How does that work then? and someone also said "Well it's everywhere so it doesn't matter" I hate that childish mentality that if everyone else is doing it, that makes it ok. What is wrong with these people!? The nails aren't even that great!

It did inspire me to get my own instragram for my blog though, so if you use it you can follow me @britnails. Let me know if you have one for your blog and I'll follow you :)

I did another colourful design today, the weather is kind of inspiring.

To do this I used Models Own Lime Green as the base, then sponged on some Barry M Fuchsia to create a gradient.
I painted the leopard print on freehand (can't you tell) using a nail art brush. 
I then added some Barry M Iridescent on my middle and little fingers, and finished with top coat.

I got some pretty impressive fabric print on these, I tried to smooth it out but it's still a bit noticeable. Oops!


Wednesday 23 May 2012

Models Own Orange Sorbet - Swatches

Models Own know how to do neons. I can tell a true neon because it sends my camera insane. So hard to capture correctly! 

This is Orange Sorbet. My pictures are pretty colour accurate, but trust me this is even MORE neon in real life, and perhaps a little more yellow than the pictures suggest. It's pretty much radioactive!

Click to enlarge

Models Own Orange Sorbet

The formula is quite nice for a neon. A little bit streaky, but if you apply thin coats and wait for each one to dry completely before adding another, you'll be fine. My pictures are 4 thin coats.

Direct sunlight, outdoors - 

Models Own Orange Sorbet

Models Own Orange Sorbet

It's like a sunset on my nails! As you can see it dries to a nice matte finish. 

Models Own Orange Sorbet

This is definitely only for the brave! Any other brands do amazingly bright neons?

Also, I treated myself to some new perfume today and the bottle is SO cute I had to post a picture of it - 

Adorable! What's your favourite perfume?


Monday 21 May 2012

Claire's Glitter and Barry M Cyan Blue

Anybody ever have their images stolen, watermark removed and replaced with someone else's watermark? What do you do, ignore it, ask them nicely to remove or go slightly mad? I really hate it when people steal things and pass it off as their own. Twice in recent weeks my images have appeared on the Instagram popular page, rotated with my watermark removed. The cheek of it!! 

On to the post. I found this unnamed glitter in Claire's, still no Candy Shop though :( has anyone found that in the UK yet?

Click to enlarge.

It has red, blue, silver and very light pink hexagonal glitter, and tiny silver glitter in a clear base. I might wear this for the Queen's Jubilee weekend and be a bit patriotic!

The formula wasn't great, it was very thick and gloopy and the glitter was difficult to spread out. The brush was also a pain with bristles shooting off in all directions!

I like the colours, shame about the gloop.

Also, my zombie middle finger has healed! 


Wednesday 16 May 2012

ManGlaze Lesbihonest - Swatches

Hi lovelies! I've been to Chester Zoo today and I got overly excited because I saw a Sloth. I swear they did not have one last time. Sloths are awesome!! Also apparently the Queen is coming to Liverpool tomorrow. Tempted to go and be patriotic! Also, this is my 100th post :) Anyway...

I've been wanting some ManGlaze polish for ages (they don 't ship to the UK, booo) so I was so excited when Melissa sent me some in our latest swap! I love ManGlaze because their Facebook page makes me laugh, they have fun polish names and as a company they seem just that little bit different. 

Here we have Lesbihonest, which is a beautiful fuchsia full of flecks of shimmer.

Manglaze Lesbihonest

Anyone who has tried a ManGlaze will know the formula is heaven. It's a true matte, and glides on super smooth. You could definitely do one coat with this, but I did two because I feel weird doing one coat (honestly I refuse to believe in one coat polishes...they freak me out. I always sit there staring at them like...YOU NEED ANOTHER COAT. YOU JUST DO!) plus I usually bump my nails on the table before they're dry and end up needing another one anyway. 

Manglaze Lesbihonest

Look how smooth and suede-like it is! Honestly so impressed with the formula. And how great is the bottle? Sure is better than a plain old boring one.

Manglaze Lesbihonest

I also tried it with a regular top coat in direct sunlight. Click the jump for the shimmer party!


Monday 14 May 2012

In The Jungle

I haven't done any nail art in such a long time! I get distracted by swatching too much when actually nail art is my first love. 

Oh, and let me apologise for my very fake middle nail. My actual nail is, no kidding, a bright red bloody stump. Absolutely no way I can post with it, and I was getting extremely bored and running out of posts that didn't have to feature my nails. So I stuck a fake one on! In real life it really isn't noticeable, but in pictures it looks too wide. I obviously didn't file it enough. OH WELL! It enables me to post without subjecting you to my zombie fingernail. :)

Anyway, I have christened this In The Jungle. I can never think of names for nail art posts.

Click to enlarge

The base colour is OPI Thanks a Windmillion,
I then sponged on some Barielle Green Opal, using Sammy's tutorial. I did two layers of this. 
Finally I used Konad plate m57 to stamp on the tiger print, using ManGlaze Nawsome Sauce, and finished with top coat. 

I was really happy with how it turned out! And the middle nail isn't that bad, right?....right?? :\


Saturday 12 May 2012

Models Own Peach Puff - Swatches (Revisited)

I did a silly thing. I swatched something I've already swatched. Oops! Have you ever done that? I only realised once I'd edited all the pictures. It got me thinking though, that it's kind of fun to see how far your pictures have come since you started blogging, so I decided to post anyway. I might even re-swatch some other polishes because lets face it, my older pictures aren't very good.

This is Peach Puff from Models Own. My previous post on this is here (these new swatches are much more colour accurate too)!

Peach Puff is flattering, peachy nude creme. I really liked it against my olive skin tone.

Application was a tiny bit streaky but that's typical of cremes. I used three thin-ish coats and top coat to get it all smooth and even.

It was tricky to get colour accuracy with this one but I think I managed it. What are your favourite nude shades?


Thursday 10 May 2012

April Haul

Just a quick post to show you my haul from April. I've already started on this month's haul...oh dear. Compared to some though, this is a very small lot! (At least, that's what I tell myself).

Click the jump for details! Apparently I love using jumps these days.


Tuesday 8 May 2012

What's in my make-up bag?

Hi! I'm getting so impatient waiting for my nails to grow, hence this pretty random non-nail post. I've seen some bloggers do this though, so I thought I'd buy some time and do the same! I am pretty horrible at doing make-up in all honesty, so you're not going to see some amazing kit here, it's basically just essentials.

This is my cute as hell make-up case that my cousin got me from Bloomingdales on her trip to NYC.

Click the jump to see the rest :)


Friday 4 May 2012

Color Club Reveal Your Mystery/TK Maxx Dilemma!

Right, I'm pretty confused. I got this set of Color Club polishes from TK Maxx, and according to the packaging it's supposed to be the Alter Ego 'Reveal Your Mystery' collection. I know next to nothing about Color Club because this is the first time I have ever seen them sold in the UK.

Anyway, the colours are all wrong! I looked up swatches of the collection and none of them match the ones in the box. I googled it and it seems a few people have had the same problem, and some people just haven't even seemed to notice. SO WHAT ARE THESE COLOURS!? There's no names on the bottles but they are not the Reveal Your Mystery colours. There's also a random topcoat thrown in there too!

Basically if anyone can help identify them I'd be grateful. Having no named colours will drive me mad. :P


Topshop Art School Swatches

I recently got some Topshop nail polish for the first time, I don't know how I've managed to avoid it for so long. They have a huge range of colours and pretty glitters too, although all the glitters look like dupes of other brands to me. 

This is Art School, a peachy/orangey/coral creme. Or something. Apparently I am a sucker for coral shades.

Topshop Art School

I will say that these pictures are not 100% colour accurate (don't you hate it when that happens??) they're definitely close enough, just in real life slightly less orange and more of a peachy coral. If that makes sense, which I am sure it does not. 

Topshop Art School

I was happy with the formula, pretty easy to apply. I used three coats because there were bald spots, but you may get away with two. One thing I did really like was the brush, it was quite wide and flat which is what I need for my nails. 

Topshop Art School

Topshop Art School

I would say that last picture is the most colour accurate of the bunch. 

Topshop polishes cost from £5-£6.50 for 8ml so not exactly cheap. Do you own any Topshop ones? How do you find them?

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