Wednesday 30 January 2013

Barry M Spring 2013 Gelly Swatches and Review

Barry M Gelly Spring 2013

Today I'm excited to show you the 4 new additions to Barry M's Gelly range! 


Tuesday 29 January 2013

Barry M Textured Nail Effects - Swatches and Review

Today I have swatches of the brand new Barry M Textured Nail Effects collection!

Click the jump for the post. It's picture heavy!


Saturday 26 January 2013

Random Swatch Saturday - Illamasqua Vice

Well I am pretty much snowed in again. It snowed really hard today...I'm kind of sick of it now. Lots of roads are closed. England cannot handle snow! 

This week it's Illamasqua Vice, from the 2011 Theatre of The Nameless collection, which is one of my favourite Illamasqua collections. 

Vice is a deep, vampy berry shade, with a rubber finish (It's sort of like semi-matte) some people have said they struggled with application but I had no problems, I think you just have to load the brush quite a lot so you don't drag the polish. I used two coats.

Illamasqua Vice

Illamasqua Vice

Click the jump for more pictures 

Thursday 24 January 2013

New Barry M Spring Launches - Textured Nail Effects and new Gelly shades!

Exciting news from Barry M dropped in to my inbox today! I always get excited when they released new products!

New for Spring is Textured Nail Effects and all-new Gelly shades! 

Let's take a look at textured - 

Here's what Barry M says:

Channel East End cool by adding some grit to your nails! Textured Nail Effect’s grainy, matte formula creates a unique textured effect for a grunge-chic look. Available in 4 Spring/Summer shades named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of Ridley Road and Brixton. Ridley Road (Green) TNP4, Kingsland Road (Pink) TNP3, Station Road (Yellow) TNP2, Atlantic Road (Blue) TNP1. 

These will retail for £3.99 each.

These look fun! Sounds like they could be similar to Nails Inc. leather effect? 

And here are the new Gelly shades! -

To add to our Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint collection Barry M have 4 new exotic fruit inspired shades! Lychee GNP10, Dragon Fruit GNP11, Green Berry GNP12, Papaya GNP13 will be your go-to shades this Spring for an extra shiny mani. 

These will also retail for £3.99 each.

Gah, give me that green immediately!! 

I'm super excited for these. I'll have swatches for you very soon, and details of when and where they'll be available!

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Wednesday 23 January 2013

piCture pOlish Mallard by The PolishAholic - Swatches

Oh wow, do I love Mallard. This polish is from a range of collaborations with bloggers, and Mallard is from The PolishAholic. It's a bottle-green/gold shimmer base, with green and orange flakies. It basically resembles the feathers of a Mallard, which is the cutest idea ever! I'm a big fan of dark greens too so I just had to get this.

Picture Polish Mallard

Click the jump for more pictures!

Monday 21 January 2013

Abstract Shapes

Hi! We had more snow here last night. It's so deep in places my dog actually completely sank in it! Have you got snow where you are?

Today's nail art was inspired by this post, by Chalkboard Nails. I just used less colours and my shapes are a bit more tightly packed.

I used Barry M Cyan Blue for the base, then painted on the shapes with a striper brush, using Silver Foil Effects and Grapefruit, both also by Barry M. 

Also, the reason you aren't seeing my thumb is because it is ALWAYS broken really far down. I'm currently using OPI Nail Envy on it, so hopefully it'll come out of retirement soon!


Saturday 19 January 2013

Random Swatch Saturday - Max Factor Odyssey Blue

I haven't done the last few Saturdays because I have no brain. I remembered today though! I know that swatching random nail polishes doesn't make for popular posts, but I need to get through my stash. So many untrieds, it makes me itchy! I'm sure you know the feeling!

This is Odyssey Blue by Max Factor. It's part of a range of mini polishes which include the famous Fantasy Fire. It's a super shimmering blue with subtle flashes of green and loads of blue flecks.

 Max Factor Odyssey Blue

 Max Factor Odyssey Blue


Friday 18 January 2013

Accessorize Nail Speckle Ladybird - Swatches

I spotted these speckle polishes in Accessorize a while ago. Some appear to be dupes of the Nails Inc Pudding Lane polishes. I picked up Ladybird and I'm in love with it! It's matte black glitter in a raspberry jelly base.

I layered 1 coat of Ladybird (and dabbed some on to fill in the gaps) over 2 coats of Barry M Raspberry. You could easily get full coverage in 2 coats of Ladybird alone, but the glitter would have clumped, so I found it easier to apply Raspberry first. Its more or less exactly the same colour anyway.

Accessorize Ladybird

Accessorize Ladybird

Accessorize Ladybird

Accessorize Ladybird

Accessorize Ladybird

You can buy Accessorize polishes from

Also trying out a new watermark, I think I prefer it to my old one! I need to stop changing things!


Wednesday 16 January 2013

a-england She Walks In Beauty Gradient

England is cold. So very cold. I love it though! Anyone else love the wintery weather? I've been taking my dog on super long walks and I've become addicted to crunching my feet on frozen puddles. I don't want the freeze to end!

Anyway, my a-england order arrived today! Always love getting nail mail from lovely Adina. She Walks in Beauty is a lovely champagne-gold shimmer packed with different sized rose pink glitter. I decided to try a gradient with Illamasqua Jo'Mina, but I'm not sure it's exactly a gradient...I'm not very good with blending glitter onto nails! 

I used two coats of Jo'Mina, then dabbed on She Walks In Beauty with a makeup sponge.

a-england She Walks In Beauty

a-england She Walks In Beauty

a-england She Walks In Beauty

Not sure why Jo'Mina looks about 47 different colours in the pictures. Silly lightbox.


Monday 14 January 2013

Party Accent

Sometimes (ok, most of the time!) I really can't be bothered to make every single nail in to a glitterbomb, especially if I'm short on time. At these lazy times, I do what I refer to as a party accent, and just plaster glitter all over one nail on each hand. I think I prefer this look!

I used Barry M Watermelon, and the glitter is OPI Rainbow Connection. I painted on 3 layers and then filled in the gaps by just dabbing it on with the brush. I smoothed it out with 2 coats of NYC top coat.

Glitter macro - 

I should also point out that I used PVA glue as a base coat for the glitter. No scrubbing at removal time!


Friday 11 January 2013

Bling Tips Gradient

I definitely can't get enough of gradients, as I've said before. I put a little twist on this one with the help of some hexagonal glitter pieces.

The gradient colours are Illamasqua Nomad and Muse.


Wednesday 9 January 2013

Geometric Shapes

Hmm, are these geometric? Almost. I hate doing my nails when I have a stump, that's why my posts are fewer when it happens. I've just bought a bottle of original Nail Envy though so hopefully that'll prevent future problems (If it doesn't, I am officially out of ideas)

This was inspired by a picture of a double bass I saw on Facebook and now can't find again :( the base is Models Own Lime Green and I painted on the shapes using white acrylic paint, then I went over them in different coloured polishes.

Turned out ok, not as good as in my head though!

Ooh, have you seen that a-england are having a sale? I just picked up two bottles for £6 each. a-england is an amazing brand, if you haven't tried them yet.


Thursday 3 January 2013

Windmillion Studs

And so to my first post of 2013. Unfortunately starting it with an awful nail breakage, which isn't very  aesthetically pleasing, so I apologise! 

I've been meaning to do a stud manicure ever since I saw it on The Nailasaurus, but I kept putting it off because it looked so fiddly and difficult. Turns out it IS fiddly, but not difficult. The only problem I had was that when I applied topcoat, it made the colour in the studs run. Anybody else have this problem? Without topcoat, they don't stay put for 5 minutes!

I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion, and all the studs are from Born Pretty Store (you can use my code LGL91 for 10% off)

Ugh, that stumpy nail is gross. I hate having a nail with no free edge!

Now I'm off to start a rain dance or something to make my nail grow.

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