Saturday, 27 September 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint - Persian and Atlantis Swatches and Review

Barry M have released a whole host of new nail paints for Autumn/Winter 2014, and I'll be showing them to you over the coming days! I'm starting with the two new additions to the Aquarium collection (reviewed here back in March) because I just couldn't wait to try that purple!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Floral Stamping with Illamasqua Melange

Melange is just so pretty I couldn't bear to part with it, so I did some simple stamping over the top before it was time to remove (blogger's curse...never much time to keep a polish on!) the colour I chose to stamp with ended up being a pretty much perfect compliment to Melange.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Illamasqua Melange Swatches and Review

Illamasqua Melange

I've long been an Illamasqua fan (I currently own around 30 bottles of polish and a good few lip and eye products) and it's always exciting when they release a new collection; everything is always so well thought out and beautifully executed. Not to mention the stunning imagery that accompanies every new release! "Once" is the new collection for A/W 2014 and I think they've outdone themselves here...especially with this new nail polish!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Guest Post From Nailz Craze - Devilish Gradient

My fifth and final guest post is from Natalie of Nailz Craze. I'm so excited to have Natalie on my blog, she has some of the most amazing photography in the blogging world (I'm constantly in awe of it) and her nails are flawless! She's also the creator of a range of gorgeous stamping plates which I really need to get my hands on one day (one has a unicorn!) her blog contains a mix of swatches, nail art and beauty reviews so be sure to have a look!

Where to find Nailz Craze - Blog | FacebookInstagram | Etsy

Hi there, dear Brit Nails readers!

First let me start by saying how flattered and honored I was when Allie invited me to do a guest post for her blog, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my nail art with her lovely readers! I hope you will like the nail art I prepared for this post. 

I decided to go for a red and hot nail art; At first I had no idea where this nail art is headed, I just knew I wanted to have a red and black gradient (a super hot color combo at these days, after the release of the new Christian Louboutin nail polish) and then go from there. Once my red-black gradient was complete, I kind of liked it as is so I wanted to keep it rather simple. Then I decided that maybe some gold will probably go nicely with these two colors, don’t you agree? So gold it was!

I added some random swipes of a metallic gold nail polish, creating this fun and easy distressed look. I became pretty obsessed over the distressed nail art look after Sarah’s great tutorials at Chalkboard Nails!

So there it is, my red-black-gold mani with a hint of a devilish touch! I don’t know if it’s the colors or the almond nail shape (or maybe it’s just me), but you can see what I mean, right? ;)

Nail polish I used for this nail art:

Cirque Holdfast Base Coat
Ga-De #363 Geisha (red)
Cirque Memento Mori (black)
Sally Hansen #420 Liquid Gold
Cirque Liquid Laminate Top Coat

I hope you liked my nail art for this post, and hopefully stop by my blog to say hello and check my nail art! Thanks for reading!


Natalie aka Nailz Craze

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Guest Post From Polly Polish - Unicorn Chevrons

My fourth guest post comes from Hannah, aka Polly Polish. This is Hannah's second appearance on my blog - she created these nails for me last year. I can never say enough how great Hannah is, I don't know what I'd do without her on a daily basis for a good rant, and her help with tweaking code is indispensable (the woman is a genius) so I'm super happy to have her back on my blog, especially as she's created some adorable nail art with my piCture pOlish shade! 

You can find Polly Polish at -  Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

I know I'm taking a bit of a gamble with this post for Allie. She's not the sort to blow her own trumpet, using her piCture pOlish creation 'Unicorn' could backfire on me, either if she doesn't like my design, or is just a bit embarrassed. Well, tough titties Allie, because despite her insistence that this wouldn't be 'my kind of colour', it's a brilliant creation. She could've made a brown polish and I'd still buy it, use it, and love it.

So, here's Allie's 'Unicorn'. I have swatched this previously so I know it's a three coater. I wanted to show how bright and fun it can look using just one coat over a white base. The base here is Models Own Hyper Gel 'White Light' which I masked off with some right angled nail vinyls and painted over with 'Unicorn' before removing the tape and covering with a top coat that I can't yet reveal because I'm testing it for a brilliant brand. Suffice to say this top coat is also a winner. You could get the same pattern by applying the white over a base of 'Unicorn' but I think the white being underneath makes the turquoise base of this polish sing that bit more, as well as showing off the pink and silver glitter, along with a subtle pink shimmer. 'Unicorn' is a terribly cute polish that really lives up to it's magical name.