Thursday 16 August 2012

Pink Roses

Hi! I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed by how many people have entered my giveaway...I feel bad there's only one prize! There were more entries for this one in 1 day than in the whole 7 days last time. Lawd. Make sure you enter though if you haven't already! 

Today I've got some more stamping from the 2012 Bundle Monster plates. I used Essie Blanc as a base, and for stamping I used ManGlaze Lesbihonest (one of my favourite polishes ever!) and a rose design from BM-323.

I love the rose design! And ManGlaze is so good for stamping. Do you have any favourite designs from the new BM plates?



  1. love that plate! looks pretty
    please check out my last nail art :)

  2. i love lesbihonest! beautiful mani

  3. That is so pretty and neat! I love it. Never heard of that polish though!

    Lizzums x

  4. this is soo prettyyyy. perfect stamp!

    1. I can never thank you enough for getting manglaze to me!! Swap soon?

  5. I cannot wait to stamp with this plate, they look lovely!

  6. I love these nails. I have this plate collection and can't wait to use the rose design. You have done a great job. Very pretty xx

  7. This is jaw-droppingly awesome. The pink manglaze roses on the white background is perfection. I always love your manis!!


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