Wednesday 29 April 2015

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection 2015

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection 2015

Following last year's release of the popular Polish For Tans collection, Models Own have followed it up with 5 brand new shades for Spring/Summer 2015! Polish For Tans was one of my favourite collections of 2014 so I'm so happy to see some more added to the fold!

I spent a good portion of last Summer wearing shades from the first PFT collection, I even put a couple in my suitcase to take on holiday! If you're interested in reading more about what "polish for tans" means then take a look at my original post, all the info is in there.

The 2015 shades are once again beautifully bright and summer-ready, though the formula seems different - the original formula was quite thick and dried semi-matte, whereas these are thinner and have a bit more gloss to them. If you own shades from both releases please let me know your thoughts on the differences, I want to know it's not just me! 

The thinner formula makes them a bit easier to apply, and they're quite smooth with no drag. You'll need 2-3 coats of each depending on how thickly you apply, and if you want super glossy then add a top coat. 

Malibu Pink is a bright and sweet pink - if you were having a cocktail party on the beach with Barbie (and why wouldn't you be) this is what she'd have on her nails! 3 coats plus top coat

Models Own Malibu Pink

Beach Hut is a super bright and attention grabbing neon orange. I can just picture my hand wrapped around a Piña Colada wearing this shade! 3 coats plus top coat

Models Own Beach Hut

Sarong Wrap is a happy, bright sunshine yellow. Don't even try hating on it, I won't stand for it! 3 coats plus top coat

Models Own Sarong Wrap

Cocktail Hour is a neon coral and the brightest of the bunch. I mean just look at it! It's already booked it's spot in my suitcase this year! 2 coats plus top coat

Models Own Cocktail Hour

Lastly, Turquoise Sea is a turquoise leaning blue (although I see much more blue than turquoise) this one isn't particularly bright but a lovely colour regardless. 2 coats plus top coat

Models Own Turquoise Sea

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection 2015

I'm a huge fan of some of the colours here, but I must admit I preferred last year's shades! And although they're advertised as neons, I would only really call Cocktail Hour and Beach Hut true neons. I appreciate the good formulas though and I definitely welcome the additions (Sarong Wrap, be still my heart) What do you think, will you be grabbing any of these?

My picks: Cocktail Hour, Beach Hut, Sarong Wrap


- Get them online at from 1st May, priced £4.99 each
- Available at Models Own UK Bottleshops from 2nd May
- Available at Superdrug from 6th May

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  1. Cocktail Hour - definitely the star of this collection :)

  2. Cocktail Hour and Turquoise Sea are gorgeous!! Always love your swatches Allie!

  3. oooh I need the blue! Will definitely be visiting a bottle shop this weekend!


  4. Thanks Emily <3 I can't get enough of Cocktail Hour!

  5. Cocktail Hour and Beach Hut would be my picks from the collection but they're all gorgeous shades and no hating from me, we need more yellow polishes in this world!

  6. I love finding fellow yellow fans! Cocktail Hour is just too wonderful <3

  7. I really wish there was a bottle shop in Liverpool!

  8. Perfect swatches ! Obviously, I need them ALL ! :) Especially Cocktail Hour :D

  9. The pink and the blue are amazing, love the sweet look the have!

  10. PFT is one of my favourite collections every so I'm really excited to see some new additions. I feel a little bit hesitant tho as they don't seem as 'neon' as last years. I like your picks tho.. they're definitely the ones I'll go for. Really appreciate a good yellow!

  11. I've got last years collection and i cant wait to get this one =]

  12. Wow! Love the bright colors!


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