Wednesday, 8 April 2015

B Squared Lacquer EDM Collection Swatches and Review

Today I have the EDM collection from indie brand B Squared Lacquer to share with you - a collection of six bright and beautiful cremes!

B Squared Lacquer is another new-to-the-blog brand and I'm always excited to try things for the first time, especially when I've seen swatches all over Instagram. EDM of course stands for Electronic Dance Music, and the colours here fit perfectly with the theme!

The formulas are just on the right side of thick and apparently they're wonderful for water marbling (personally I hate doing water marbles but these just might tempt me) the first coat drags a little bit (as do a lot of neon formulas) but builds up pretty well. They dry to a waxy finish so I've added top coat - this also helps to smooth them over. You'll need between 2 and 3 coats depending on the way you apply. I haven't used a white base in any of my swatches, they're this bright all by themselves!

Down Tempo reflects it's name as this one isn't really neon, but more of a subtle blue that still manages to be bright (make sense?!) I've used 2 thick coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer Down Tempo

Kandi is a gorgeous bright hot pink, supremely summery and girly! I've used 2 thick coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer Kandi

The Drop is a minty neon green, the colour of this may vary slightly to what you see on your screen (green neons are notoriously difficult to capture!) but I think I've got close enough here. This needed an extra coat for perfect opacity. 3 coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer The Drop

Rave is an in-your-face highlighter yellow, SO crazily bright! 3 thin coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer Rave

Plur is a more teal leaning shade than The Drop, but still beautifully bright. 3 thin coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer Plur

Trance is a super duper bright neon peachy orange - it sent my camera a bit crazy! It picked up the brightness well though - just imagine it maybe a tad brighter in real life. This is my favourite of the bunch, I think this will be coming on holiday with me this year! 3 thin coats plus top coat

B Squared Lacquer Trance

Have your eyes popped out of your head yet!? If you're looking for a set of summer brights then you've found it in these polishes, and the nail art possibilities are endless! What do you think, do you dare to wear polish as bright as Rave and Trance?

My Picks: Trance and Kandi


- Available now in the UK from Rainbow Connection, priced £6.50 each
- Other countries can order from B Squared Lacquer

Connect with Rainbow Connection: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with B Squared Lacquer: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



  1. Replies
    1. Definitely, I'm trying to think of some nail art now!

  2. Your swatches are to die for!! And the colors are gorgeous. I most fond of The Drop and Plur.

  3. Trance is sumptuous, not too pumkin orange, just perfect ! I love this kind of bright shades for summer and spring and the fact That there is no need of a white base is a good thing :). I didn't know this brand before but you conviced me !

    1. It is fabulous! A bright orange nail is not for everyone but it seems to be getting a lot of love!

  4. Plur and Trance would be my favourites if I had to choose one, but I've got to say these are all way too lovely to stick to one bottle only ;)
    It's all your fault, I'd say, 'cause your swatches are gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thank you Mina! Trance is definitely amazing!

  5. Wow, these are amazing plus i love your nails =]

  6. I've seen this brand on IG and it looks so awesome! I love every single one of these shades!

  7. These are really pretty...nice and creamy for neons. I've never tried this brand, but after seeing your swatches, I just might need to!

    1. Thanks Emily! I do love a creamy neon, haha

  8. what a gorgeous collection! can't even say which one is the best ;)

  9. Oh wow, those are BRIGHT! Plur looks like a gorgeous base for nail art I think :).

  10. My goodness these are fabulous! I can't get enough neons right now!

  11. Wow *.* My eyes definitely popped out of my head. Your swatches made them pop even more!

  12. Lovely swatches, as always! I'm especially found of Rave!


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