Monday 27 April 2015

Rimmel Sweetie Heart Collection Swatches and Review

Rimmel Sweetie Heart Matte Collection

Press Sample 

Hi! The Spring shades continue to roll in and today I have the Sweetie Heart matte polishes from Rimmel to share with you. Swatching these made me realise that matte polish hardly ever features on my blog, it's kind of a love it or hate it thing isn't it? Well, here I am filling the matte void...!

This collection is inspired by Love Hearts (not officially, I should point out) one of my favourite sweets growing up (they still are actually, I could eat them all day!) and the shades are reminiscent in colour and finish. They all dry down to a chalky matte finish and feel like chalk to the touch...quite strange!

The formulas here aren't great, unfortunately. They're quite finicky and as you can see on my nails, a bit streaky and patchy even though I did my best with application. I also sort of feel like they've made my nails look bent out of shape in places!? They're by no means the worst matte polish I've tried, but they could be better. I'd recommend ditching the base coat and trying to keep your brush strokes as even as possible because they're not at all self levelling!

Also apologies for my sad looking cuticles in these pictures, I was at the end of a very long swatching session and they'd started to dry out terribly. I promise I bathed them in oil after!

Cheeky Girl is a pale pink with a lilac undertone. I've used 2 thick coats.

Rimmel Cheeky Girl

Chase Me is a pale minty green. I love this colour but again application isn't great. 2 thick coats

Rimmel Chase Me

Cheeky Chap is a brighter shade of sky blue and a little easier on the application. 2 thick coats

Rimmel Cheeky Chap

Love Bug is a buttercup yellow. This one was a bit streakier than the others so I added a third coat.

Rimmel Love Bug

You're Mine is a flesh-toned peach. Again I love the colour and application was a bit easier with this one. 2 thick coats

Rimmel You're Mine

I really wanted to love this collection but sadly it falls a bit short! It's never fun to give negative feedback but I pride myself on honesty. I would possibly use them for nail art in the future (they could be decent for sponging or drawing, although they dry too quickly for stamping) but I don't think I'll be wearing them alone.

My picks: Chase me, You're Mine


- Available now from Boots (currently on 3 for 2) priced £3.99 each

Press Sample


  1. The colours are lovely and the matte finish is pretty too! What a bummer the formula is so streaky...

  2. so cute colors!

  3. I wonder how they'd look with a top coat?

  4. Too bad the formula is a bit of a pain, because the colors are adorable!

  5. I'm glad I'm not alone in this opinion, I too found them very problematic. But your swatches came out beautiful, much better than mine.

  6. They're pretty shades and I do like the matte look when they actually apply well, but these seem to be tough to get just right :/ regardless, these still look great on you!

  7. These look gorgeous, I'm loving pastels like never before this season! x

  8. I do love the colours (they're spot on with love hearts ;)) and I also love the finish - anything matte definitely rocks :)
    Too bad about the formula though :(

  9. I love love love the colors, but I'm not convinced by the matte finish at all. :( They seem to be difficult to apply and you did a great job swatching them ! :)

  10. I think you've done amazingly well with the challenging formula and made them look the best they can possibly be. :) However, it is not fun working with polishes like that ... life is just too short!

  11. I love their inspiration and the matte finish, but such a butter that the formulas weren't easy to work with. You did a great job swatching them though, despite the difficulties!

  12. Oh my goodness.. these shades are gorgeous. I love the matte finish too. I love Cheeky Chap x

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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