Thursday 23 April 2015

Models Own Festival Collection Swatches and Review

Models Own Festival Collection

Press Sample 

Festival season is fast approaching and Models Own have launched 4 capsule collections full of bright and bold beauty pieces for you to stash away in your weekend bag! This includes coloured hair sprays, lipsticks, metallic face paints and of course some brand new nail polishes - 4 cremes and a glitter - which I have to show you today.

I've been to a few festivals in my time although not for ages and to be honest I've never really "roughed it" as such, I've always somehow managed to either have a VIP pass (which included access to actual real toilets and showers!) or some form of van to sleep in! I'm not really in to camping, but give me some glamping and I'm all over it ;)

I'm super impressed with the formula of these polishes, they're pigmented, smooth and glide on easily with no drag. They're excellent, actually! Sadly they don't feature the flat brush we've seen lately (in the Colour Chrome and Diamond Luxe collections) I'm still hoping for that to be made a permanent feature in the future! I've used Models Own HyperGel top coat in my pictures for a glossy shine.

Pink Wellies is a very bright, barbie pink neon creme. Perfect in 2 coats!

Models Own Pink Wellies

Purple Bandana is a bright and punchy orchid shade - just how I like my purples! The formula here is dreamy, it was almost a one-coater! I've used 2 for perfect coverage.

Models Own Purple Bandana

Green Fields is a bright lime green, and is similar (though not a dupe) to Tropical Green from the Spring HyperGel collection - with a much better formula! I used 3 thin coats as it's a tiny bit more sheer than the others, but you could use 2 thicker ones.

Models Own Green Fields

Blue Skies is a rich cyan blue with another great formula, perfect in 2 coats. I LOVE blues like this, I wear them so often!

Models Own Blue Skies

Colour Explosion is a glitter topper with pastel coloured matte hex glitters plus some smaller iridescent glitter for added sparkle. It's not a dense glitter so you'll need a few coats if you want to build it up, but I've only used 2 coats and I think it looks good like that! Layered over Pink Wellies, with top coat.

Models Own Colour Explosion

Models Own Colour Explosion

Models Own Festival Collection

These polishes are fantastic and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the formulas. I'm so into brights at the moment, I hope they keep coming!

What do you think? Are you planning on attending any festivals this year?

My picks: Blue Skies, Purple Bandana


- Available now from Superdrug (currently on 3 for 2!) and from, priced £4.99 each



  1. The coverage of these in INSANE! I really love these! Especially Purple Bandana.

  2. The neons look great, but I especially adore the glitter! Love the soft pop of color against the bright base :).

  3. Ahh! I'm loving all of these! As I was scrolling I kept changing my mind about which one I liked best haha I'm loving how well these cover, too! Purple Bandanna opaque in almost one coat!? Yes please!

  4. I know, if only all cremes were like that! Imagine how much quicker swatching would be!

  5. I love this collection =] I want it so bad!

  6. To see these babies are drop-dead gorgeous and then to read they have such an amazing formula makes me want them even moooore! Lovely swatches, dear!

  7. I'm all for neons/brights for summer! And that glitter?! Fogettaboutit :D

  8. stunning! I love all of them

  9. Purple Bandana is amazing! I love looking at your swatches <3 Your nails are dreamy long and always look perfect.

  10. The green one really reminds me of festivals. I really love all the shades though xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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