Friday 6 February 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Collection Swatches and Review

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A brand new addition to Barry M's line up is the Speedy Quick Dry range, a collection of, well, polishes that dry quickly! Launching with 9 pastel shades, there's pretty much something for everyone here. I've got swatches of all 9 to share with you today!

I love it when Barry M have a themed lid! These bottles come with racing flag-style lids, making them instantly recognisable, and the polish names also go with the theme of all things speedy. One of the most exciting things about this range is the introduction of a new flat rounded brush, which I'm so happy about! This style of brush makes getting a line around your cuticle so much easier; I needed little to no clean-up while swatching and it really helps to get an even distribution of polish on your nail. Hopefully this is something we'll continue to see in future!

So to the big question, do they actually dry quickly? Yes, they do! 1 coat dries in around 60-90 seconds, and 3 coats was touch dry in less than 5 minutes. As a nail artist the drying time doesn't interest me too much because I almost always reach for a quick dry top coat anyway, plus quick drying polishes aren't great for nail art as they get stringy too fast. Also keep in mind that body chemistry and room temperature can play a part in the speed a polish dries, so the times I've given are just a guide. All in all though, they do what they claim.

Formula-wise, they're pretty great, as you would expect. They're shiny but not overly glossy, and I found 3 thin coats works better than 2 thick ones, so that's what I've done in all my swatches, but with some you could possibly get away with just 2. Personal preference!

Road Rage - dusty mint with a hint of a grey understone. 3 coats plus top coat

Pole Position - a brighter shade of pastel mint, my favourite of the collection! 3 coats plus top coat

In a Heart Beat - Not sure what to describe this pink as, I want to say salmon but that doesn't sound very nice! Anyway, it's a pretty, sophisticated shade of pink. 3 coats plus top coat

Kiss Me Quick - bright baby pink. This was a little sheer so I used thicker coats. 3 coats plus top coat

Eat My Dust - baby blue. As above I needed thicker coats due to it being a bit sheer. 3 coats plus top coat

Lap of Honour - dusty mauve with a hint of grey. I adore this one, so beautiful! 3 coats plus top coat

Pit Stop - light pastel grey. I'm a huge fan of grey polish so I'm happy with the inclusion of this! 3 coats plus top coat

Full Throttle - a super refreshing, peachy orange sorbet. 3 coats plus top coat

Stop The Clock - pastel yellow. I'm in the minority that loves yellow polish! 3 coats plus top coat

That was a lot of swatches! The shades offered here may not be the most exciting, but the colours are lovely - I'd describe them as basic but beautiful! If pastels aren't your thing, I'm sure you'll have some brighter and/or darker shades to look forward to in the future.

Will you be buying any of these? What's your favourite shade?

My Picks: Pole Position, Lap of Honour and Pit Stop


- Available in Superdrug from 11th February and Boots from 18th February, priced £3.99 each

Press Sample


  1. Absolutely adore these shades, and that flat brush looks so good. Perfect for quick and easy application, I hope they begin to make all their ranges with a flat brush! They make life so easy haha x

  2. Beautiful swatches, I was already going to buy them all anyway but definitely will be popping into Superdrug on Weds now :)

  3. I was wondering how good these would be, so good to know they're not poor quality

  4. I'm not sure I would buy the whole collection but I really like Pole Position, Lap of Honour, Pit Stop and Stop the Clock so will look out for those. Lovely swatches as always x

  5. These colours are to die for. I love them! I must pick a few of these up x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  6. Great swatches! Eat My Dust and Pole Position are my favorites. However, I am not sure if I will be getting any of these, because pastels tend to clash with my pale skin tone.

  7. Great post, I'm glad it's not just me having to use 3 coats :-/

  8. Lovely colours, I really like the road rage and in a heart beat xx

  9. Very interesting with the new brushes.
    I loved Pole Position, and Lap of Honour. Gorgeous shades, though knowing me, I just might pick up the whole collection.
    Great swatches

  10. These are all lovely colours; my faves are Road Rage and Lap of Honour ... love those slightly muted shades! :)

  11. I love 'in a heart beat' the photo looks more peony than salmon IMO definitely will be checking that one out, as well as the sky blue one from the spring gelly range

  12. I bought 'Lap of Honour' and I absolutely love both the colour and the formula. Definitely going to have to expand my collection with either Kiss Me Quick or Pit Stop. Gorgeous colours and I'm loving the new brush! x

  13. I got pole position and stop the clock. I love Pole Position almost a mint ice cream spring colour. I was a little disappointed that Stop the Clock wasn't a little more lemon yellow not really a fan a work friend said reminded her of vanilla ice cream...It looked a bit too thin even after three coats.

  14. am I the only one to find these are rather "slow" for quick dry polish? I mena, have I got a bad bottle? I've been waiting for 30 minutes and it is still dentable!!

  15. Did you find that they chipped easily and if not how did you avoid the annoying chipping after 24 hours?


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