Monday 23 February 2015

piCture pOlish 2014 Collaborations - Enchanting and Escapades Swatches and Review, plus Holiday!

Press Sample

That's a bit of a mouthful of a title isn't it?! Today I have some beautiful piCture pOlish Collaboration shades to share with you - Enchanting and Escapades, along with their Limited Edition Holiday 2014 polish!

Enchanting was created with Sharon aka Polish Infatuated. It's a gorgeous shade of green which my camera didn't capture 100% correctly - imagine it a slightly more lush green than pictured. It's wonderfully smooth and easy to apply, and full of the scattered holo that we all love from PP! I've used 2 coats plus Gloss On Top.

Read more about Sharon's inspiration here.

Escapades was created with Malene aka Nail Escapades. It's a very dark teal green (almost black in the bottle) full of blue and green sparkles which catch the light beautifully. Another super smooth formula, I've used 2 coats plus Gloss On Top.

Read more about Marlene's inspiration here.

Holiday is a limited edition, numbered shade to celebrate 2014 - I'm the proud owner of number 0973! It's a scattered holo top coat with colourful flakies, and it pops the most when worn over a dark base, but I loved it so much over Chillax I decided to go with that instead! I've used 2 coats plus Gloss On Top.


- Available from
- If you're in the UK, you can find piCture pOlish at Rainbow Connection and Sally Magpies
- For the rest of the world, check the international network page

Press Sample


  1. Escapades... it's just stunning, I cannot take my eyes of it *.*

  2. Gorgeous swatches Allie! Honestly, your nails are so beautiful you could make anything look great but these are some really beautiful colours. I adore Escapades! I'm so glad I own that one!

  3. Could your nails BE any prettier <3? I really love how Escapades on you (and I bet I'd love it for myself, too ^^)

  4. I have wanted Escapades so bad. Your swatches make me want it even more!

  5. I'd drooled over Enchanting before and your swatch is gorgeous, dear, but what really caught my attention was that awesome Escapades! Oh, I needs it badly! ;)

  6. These polishes are mesmerising =]

  7. I like the look of Holiday and Escapades!

  8. These are beautiful...I always love their shades.

    And I must say, your nail beds are just absolutely fabulous!!! <3

  9. This post makes me want to try Picture Polish even more and I am super jealous of your long nail beds!


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