Thursday 1 January 2015

Top 10 Nail Polishes of 2014

Truthfully I'm not really big on round up posts and end of year lists, so I'm keeping it simple and uncluttered; this will be my only list, followed by a general end of year review. This post was actually supposed to go up earlier but I changed it last minute; I realised I was trying to vary the colours and brands so I wasn't picking too much of the same thing, but then I decided to just pick what I truly loved and not focus on variety. So, here's my top 10 polishes - my only rule was that the polish actually had to have been released in 2014!

10. OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

This is the hidden gem of the Brazil collection, released back in Spring/Summer. It makes a wonderful base for nail art and is extremely flattering on my nails - a fabulous pallette cleanser, too! It's just so light, airy and girly, I love everything about it. See swatches

9. The Lacquer Lab Storyteller

The plain blue that is anything but plain! From the Autumn/Winter Novella collection, this manages to be a stand out amongst my many blue polishes and I fell in love with the dusky, wintery hue. See swatches

8. Barry M Mustard

The polish that divided opinion! I've had quite a few "ew" comments (you know the type) whenever this has cropped up on my posts, but overall there's been quite a lot of love for it. It's a bit daring to wear on your nails and it's different, which I love. I can't get enough of the retro vibe! See swatches

7. Barry M Ballerina

I was so happy when Barry M added to their Classic Nail Paint line in 2014! Ballerina is a true stand out, I adore the classic, dusky pink shade and the formula is to die for. I'm hoping we see some more additions to the classic line this year! See swatches

6. a-england Fotheringhay Castle

This was released with the Elizabeth & Mary collection and is the only holo that will make the list! I love the unconventional shade of deep, golden olive - coupled with the name this makes for an enchanting polish. The one coat formula is super impressive too! See swatches

5. piCture pOlish Fool's Gold

I had to include piCture pOlish's collaboration shade with The Nailasaurus - it's just so me! I love the perfect shade of turquoise, the gold flecks and glitter, and the name too (one of my favourite songs) I'm very glad Sammy dreamed this one up! See swatches

4. Barry M Coconut

This has become THE go to nail art base, I use it so often I'm half way through a second bottle. I find pure white polishes just a little too harsh, so this off-white is a perfect compromise. See swatches

3. piCture pOlish Aurora

How could this not be on the list!? Aurora is simply stunning, rarely do I see a polish and know I HAVE to have it immediately. This was a limited edition shade released in early 2014 and is no longer available - I'm so happy I managed to grab a bottle! See swatches

2. Illamasqua Melange

This JUST beat Aurora to the number two spot, and only because I'm more for green shades than purples. Illamasqua really outdid themselves with this beauty from the Once collection, it's truly unique and I have nothing else even close. An absolute treasure. See swatches

1. piCture pOlish Unicorn

Well, of course this was going to be number one. I adore my little creation, such a hugely proud moment for me in 2014! I love the fact I stuck to exactly what I wanted with it and went all out with the glitter and sparkle. I'm overwhelmed with how many people have bought it, swatched it, and used it in nail art. I'm so so grateful to you all! See swatches

Honorable Mentions 

Zoya Binx
Barry M Fashion Icon
Models Own Peach Melba

I'm looking forward to seeing what will be released this year that'll make my next list! Let me know what your favourites have been in 2014 and if you agree/disagree with any of my choices, I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. This is a great list! We have a couple in common. :) Melange probably would've made my list if I had gotten my paws on it.

    1. Zoya Binx almost made my list! I might add an honourable mentions bit at the end actually!

  2. I can not agree more with this post. Especially on the Barry M coconut it's freaking perfect. and I am surprised noone made it until now, goes with anything

    1. I don't know what I'd do without it now! So affordable too

  3. Love your picks! I adore Barry M's Mustard, I only just recently picked it up - I wish I bought it sooner! Love the creation you made, it's stunning!

  4. Some lovely polish picks here ... I agree with you on Barry M Coconut, I love the off-white colour. and I'll look out for Ballerina as I need a pink crème. :)

  5. I do not own any of the polishes on your list, but now I feel like I need them all :) Great picks!

  6. There are some great polishes here!

  7. Coconut was one of my favourites for sure! I never got around to grabbing the mustard one, even though I still want it so I might pick it up!

  8. I love Mustard I mix it up with BarryM Cocoa on a nail or two to break the colour up.

  9. Aurora is a gorgeous shade and I NEED it in my life. :D


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