Friday 30 January 2015

Barry M Spring 2015 Launches Preview

Yesterday, I went down to London for a preview of the Spring 2015 launches from Barry M! All the details on the new products ahead (swatches will arrive soon) plus a mini photo report of the day!

I met up with Hannah (Polly Polish) in Bill's, where she was waiting for me with a glass of Prosecco and a bunch of flowers! She is completely wonderful! Alice (One Nail To Rule Them All) was supposed to be joining us but got snowed in and couldn't make it :( it was great to see plenty of other bloggers there too!

The preview event was held at All Star Lanes, a 1950's style bowling alley which I fell in love with (I'm obsessed with 1950's style anything) and although the lighting wasn't great for photography, it was such a fun place to hold an event! The room we were in had a couple of bowling lanes plus a bar (exactly what you need when bowling) and there was a competition going on to see who could bowl the fastest ball...I couldn't take part due to my silly back problems, but last I heard Hannah was in the lead!

The Barry M team treated us all to delicious food and drinks (I'm drooling again looking at this picture)

Metta from Nails By Mets was there offering manicures using some of the new products

It was a really nice afternoon and everyone at Barry M was super friendly and welcoming. It's so nice to finally meet and chat to people you've been talking to via email for a long time! What I love about them is it's immediately clear how much they all care about the brand, everybody is really enthusiastic and proud of the products and that makes me love the brand even more myself. We even got to meet Dean, the son of Barry himself, and he's so funny and lovely! I also heard a few good things about upcoming Summer products... ;)

Ok, on to the shiny new things! There's 3 brand new Gellies in beautiful spring shades; Fondant, Sky Blue and Cotton. Cotton is slightly off white (because I know you're wondering) but whiter than Coconut.

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £3.99 each

There is also a brand new range called Speedy Quick Dry, launching with 9 spring shades and fun, racing flag lids! They all have racing inspired names too, such as Eat My Dust and Full Throttle. I do love a theme ;) Also, this range has flat brushes, which I'm really happy about!

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £3.99 each

Plumpy Gelly Top Coat - designed to give nails a plumped up gel-style finish!

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £2.99

Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder - handy little compacts with shine-control powder, including mirror and applicator! Available in light, medium and dark.

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £5.99 each

Gelly Lips - new shades in Orion (nude) and Sigma (peachy coral)

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £4.99 each

White Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - amazingly soft, smooth eyeliner pencil which can be also used as an eyeshadow base or highlighter

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 18th February, £3.99

Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit - contouring pallette with everything you need to get started!

Launching in Superdrug on 11th February and Boots on 4th February, £6.49

That's everything! I can't wait to try everything out and of course, swatch the polishes! They'll be on the blog ASAP. What are you looking forward to trying?


  1. oooooh, such a great event! and I love the upcoming colours :) can't wait for your swatches :)

  2. Oh looking forward to Cotton xx

  3. Aw looks like a lovely event! That food looks delicious. I love the checked designs on the polish bottles! x

  4. I love the speedy nail lids, they are so fitting for the nails. Some great shades in there too x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. Oo can't wait to try the super quick dry varnishes and see if they work. And I'm so glad they're launching a gelly top coat. Love their Gelly varnishes already! The event looks lovely as well x

  6. Loving the look of Pole Position and Stop the Clock

  7. I like the look of the gellies and the top coat ... I mean how could you not love a product with a name like Plumpy Gelly! :)

  8. That orange shade from the Speedy collection is just calling to me! There's some great new releases this season that I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for (Cotton will need to be bought for sure) and I can't wait to see your swatches :-)

  9. I want to try it alllll! The bowling event looked like so much fun! Lucky you! :)

  10. ooooh those new gelly polishes look right up my street! Will have to keep an eye out for them! :) xx

  11. Despite the pouring rain storm, constant emails requesting changes, and nervous energy, these corporate event planning guys delivered the most enchanting night.

  12. Thank you for this post! I need to see all the swatches then buy all the polish haha, but I always love the gellies. The topcoat looks really good too so I might give that a go, I'm even interested in the gelly lips range so who knows what'll happen :)

  13. The three new Gellys are lovely, especially the blue!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  14. Looks like they have some great products coming out and looked like a great event

  15. I'm especially excited about the new jellies! The quick dry look interesting as well.

  16. This looks like a seriously fun event, that bowling alley looks so cool!
    Also did NOT know the Speedy range had flat brushes - This is BREAKING NEWS people!
    I am disproportionately excited about this!!

  17. Great pictures! Those hamburger sliders look so yummy!


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