Friday 11 October 2013

Striped Tie-Dye Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the nails I did in this post!

Here's what you'll need (places to buy listed at the end of the post):

The colours I've used are Illamasqua Poke, Barry M Blueberry and Barry M Prickly Pear. My white polish is Barry M Matt White

1. Paint on your white base colour and top with your quick-dry top coat. It needs to be dry before the next step, otherwise the sponge will lift the polish!

2.  Blob some of the lightest colour polish, in this case Prickly Pear, onto a piece of paper. Using your tweezers, take a piece of cut up sponge and dip it into the polish. Lightly sponge it all over the surface of your nail with a dabbing motion.

3. Repeat step 2 with your next lightest colour, in this case Blueberry

4.  Repeat again with the darkest colour, in this case Poke. You can go back over your nails with the other colours until it's how you like it. I dabbed another layer of Bluberry on!

5.  When you're happy with how it looks, add a coat of quick-dry top coat. This will smooth out the polish and prepare for using striping tape.

6. Place 3 strips of striping tape on your nail, using your tweezers (striping tape is impossible to deal with without tweezers!) 

7. Paint over the tape with your white polish, being careful not to go over the line!

8. Immediately and carefully remove the tape with your tweezers. Wait around 10 minutes before you add your finishing top coat otherwise you risk dragging the white polish. Clean up any messy polish around your nail (I use a small brush dipped in acetone) and you're done!


- Blending is key with this. Don't be afraid to keep adding a bit more polish until it's blended nicely!
- My colours are just a guide, you can switch them up and experiment!
- Pre-cut your striping tape before you start, it saves smudged nails.

Where to buy

Tweezers can be found on eBay or Amazon, just search for "Craft Tweezers".
Striping tape is available from Born Pretty Store, don't forget to use code LGL91 for 10% off!
Make-up sponges can be found anywhere! I get mine from either Primark or Poundland. They're just the big packs of foundation wedges.
No7 Stay Perfect quick-dry top coat is available in Boots.



  1. Looks amazing ^^ Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. I love this! I look forward to having a go. :)

  3. Fantastic. I love the colours you picked :) xx

  4. Very cool, thanks for the tutorial! :)

  5. Beautiful - thanks for the tute :)

  6. I really like the subtleties of this design, and you did a great job of explaining it in the tutorial. Very beautiful! :)

  7. beautiful! I did a design like this a while back with blue and red. x

  8. Lovely manicure with the stripes and the tie dye together.

    Would you like to try with dark purple and violet shades?



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