Monday 7 October 2013

2true Sequins Nail Polish Review

2true have been stepping up their game lately with new and updated ranges, I've already documented a few in this post and today I have a couple of polishes from the Sequins collection to show you.

The Sequins range currently consists of 5 glitter texture polishes, all named after supermodels of the 90s! They're very much in a similar vein to the recent Barry M Royal Glitter collection, the main differences being that the Barry M ones have a more varied amount of glitter and colours and the 2true ones have more sequins (hex glitter). The formulas are very similar though, they dry to a sandy matte finish, are easy to apply and you can add a top coat if you prefer a glossy finish.

Elle is a candy pink polish with silver sequins. I've used 2 coats.

Tyra is a champagne gold with silver sequins. 2 coats

I like these a lot, they're good quality and just as affordable as Barry M at £4 a bottle! They're also available in Christy (silver) Eva (blue) and Naomi (purple). Available now exclusively at Superdrug, instore or online (free standard delivery in the UK at Superdrug until October 22nd!) 

What do you think, are you tiring of texture polishes or are these something you might try?



  1. Elle is stunning! Definately next on my textured wishlist : p Have you seen the Rimmel ones too? They're pretty good, I bought 3 the other day, and also £3.99 : )

  2. Stunning, I'm still heavily into texture, really want a pure silver and not a lavender leaning one. So will have to check out Christy. Can't grumble at that great price point!

  3. These are beautiful! Definitely seeing lots and lots of glittery nails on my feed today. Really want the Elle one, such a cute colour! :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  4. Ohhhh they are pretty!

  5. I really like these, the pink looks great!

  6. The pink is different, the gold looks like it might be the same as Barry M Majesty. I noticed the other day that Gosh also do three like this in silver, gold and lilac for £4.99 each. Plus Superdrug's 3 for 2 is back on!

  7. Elle is stunning. Are these polishes difficult to remove? I haven't tried textured polishes before.

    1. There's a bit more elbow grease involved than normal polish, but it's not as bad as removing glitter!

  8. Tyra looks really nice. I've never tried any by this brand, but might have to snap up this. Thanks for sharing

  9. Love the golden one, it must be amazing for Christmas time!

  10. Oooo. I might have to have a little look at these the next time I'm in Superdrug!

  11. Até hoje não vi nenhum liquid sand feio... ah, dá vontade de ter todos! *-*


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