Wednesday 9 October 2013

Striped Tie-Dye

Does anybody else ever accidentally schedule their posts for AM instead of PM? I keep doing it! I scheduled this one for 6am instead of 6pm, so quickly deleted it before realising I'd have to write it again. I need to give my head a wobble. Anyway, I've named this one striped tie-dye, because that's what it reminds me of even though that isn't what I was originally going for!

I'm not going to explain how I did it here because I've made a tutorial which will be up soon (Yes...Allie in "actually makes a tutorial" shocker) but the colours I've used are Barry M Prickly Pear, Barry M Blueberry and Illamasqua Poke. I use the Barry M Gellies so much in nail art, what would I do without them?!



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