Saturday 26 October 2013

Models Own Lipstix - Ravishing Red

Before anyone freaks out, no, I am not branching into blogging about make-up! For one, I don't have the expertise (or the application skills!) - my knowledge lies firmly with nails. I'm merely sharing a product with you that I tried and loved and outing my secret lipstick obsession!

Models Own recently launched Lip-Stix, a collection of 10 chubby lip crayons. I do love lip crayons because you can get a bit more precision in application than with a normal lipstick. I'm partial to a red lip, so picked up Ravishing Red to try out.

I was pleasantly surprised with how easily this glided on, it was like silk! I have very dry lips (well, a very dry bottom lip to be specific!) and a lot of lipsticks just dry them out and build up in the cracks, but I had no problems with this; I found it very moisturising. The colour is quite intense, it leans a tad orange-toned but a lot less so than other reds I own. It has a nice satin finish, not too glossy but not matte.

Apologies for how amateur my lip swatch is! Not gonna lie, I covered up a spot. Also, compared to photographing my nails I found this extremely difficult... how do make up bloggers do it!?

As for staying power, I was happy with how well it lasted, especially for the price of the product. I wore it most of the day with a few touch ups here and there, it barely seemed to fade at all! 

Models Own Lipstix are £5 each from Boots, Superdrug and the Models Own website. I'm dying to go out and pick up some more colours!

Well there you go, how did I do? 


  1. Great post! You did a good job photographing and explaining the product - better than some actual makeup bloggers. I'm dying to try these out - I also have dry lips so I prefer a more moisturizing lipstick.

    And I don't mind the makeup posts, maybe I'm in a minority though. I've found recently that my nail polish obsession has morphed into a makeup obsession, but so far it hasn't made an appearance on my blog. Maybe someday though! :)

    1. Thanks so much Meghan! I know a lot of people want to see JUST nails, but hey, it's my blog right!? ;) I for one would love to see you post about make-up someday!

  2. Lol, I really like it, you should do it more often! It's not so difficult, I'm not a professional but that what we bloggers are! If you want to see my pictures, just stop by my blog, I do my best!

    I've never tried this kind of "lipstick", but I've always seen the Clinique ones in many girls and they all agree that they use to be quite comfortable to use.

    My lips are kind of dry to although I try to moisturise them all the time.


  3. what a lovely color, looks gorgeous on you!

  4. I need to try this. I am looking for a good red. I have used the lip pencils by Urban Decay and really like them, and this looks similar. Personally I am as addicted to makeup as I am to nail polish, so if you want to include a post here and there about makeup I wouldn't complain. You don't have to be a makeup artist to blog about makeup, all you have to do is try something out and give your honest opinion. It's that easy.

  5. Looks lovely, what's the staying power like?

    1. Not bad at all considering the price, it transfers quite a bit but it's so easy to just get it out of your bag and touch up. I'm glad you asked that, I'll have to remember to put that info into the post...silly me!


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