Thursday 31 October 2013

Pink Scream

Happy Halloween! My final Halloween manicure features nail strips from OMG Nail Strips. I've had these for a little while and thought now would be the perfect time to bust them out!

Well, my first impression is that these are the second best strips I've tried! They don't compare to the OPI Pure Lacquer ones, but I suppose it's a bit unfair to make that comparison because the OPI ones are made from real polish so will always be better. With that in mind, I'd say these are my favourite (up to now) regular nail wraps, and I've had the best results with these. You get 14 different sized strips in a pack, and it's a decent selection of sizes although I did have to trim some down a bit to fit my nails.

They're super stretchy and pliable, which makes them easy to smooth over the nail, but you have to be careful not to pull them out of shape! I still ended up with a couple of air bubbles but that's just because I am TERRIBLE at applying nail wraps! 

Halloweeny prop time! I love Momiji Dolls!

OMG Nail Strips are $6.89 a pack, or you can pick any 4 packs for $20, with free international shipping! There's a huge selection and some really nice designs, you can find the ones I'm wearing here.



  1. Just awesome, I am a sucker for black and pink together.

  2. awesome, I have never seen anything like these!

  3. These are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Xx


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