Saturday 27 June 2015

Summer Polish Favourites 2015

Following on from my Spring Polish Favourites post back in April which proved to be really popular, I've hand picked another six polishes, this time for Summer! Again it was really difficult to narrow it down and there's a good few that almost made it, but here's my final list!

Models Own Cocktail Hour

From this year's Polish For Tans collection, this orange-leaning coral is the neon to end all neons!

Cirque Royal Hawaiian

You might wonder why there aren't more holo shades in the list, but I really prefer cremes! A good holo or two is essential for Summer though, and Royal Hawaiian from the Juicy Collection is a perfect ocean blue.

Illamasqua Collide

I own a few similar neon pinks, but most of them are more of a bubblegum shade whereas this leans towards hot pink which makes it stand out to me. Plus the formula is wonderful!

Barry M Cancun

A more subtle shade than my other picks but it can't be bright ALL the time (...can it?) this is my favourite from the 2014 Summer matte collection.

B-Squared Lacquer Rave

I was looking for an indie to include and it had to be this one. I know highlighter yellow nails aren't for everyone (if you're boring) ;) would you wear this?

Models Own Purple Bandana

My favourite from the Festival collection had to make an appearance! I could go on about the dreamy formula all day and I've been a bit obsessed with purples lately!

Let me know what you think of my picks! What's your favourite polish for Summer this year?


  1. Very nice polishes! Love all the colors, but I don't own any of these ones!

  2. I love how consistent the list is - there's a flavour for every taste so to speak.
    I of course would choose them all heheh ;)

  3. I really like Illamasqua Collide. I love how you've set out your pictures, it's looks so pretty! I've recently posted my Top 5 Summer nail polishes and like you it was so difficult to pick just a few when there's so many I wanted to include!

  4. Great picks! Illamasqua Collide has always been one of my favorites!

  5. I really enjoy seeing your picks, I hope you'll continue this series!! I'm really drawn to the neon yellow by B Squared, a brand I haven't had the pleasure of trying but this is making me want to for sure!

  6. That Cirque looks amazing!

  7. Nice bright polishes for the summer. I like it!


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