Monday 2 June 2014

Barry M Matte Collection Summer 2014 Swatches and Review

Hi! Today I'm showing you the new summer Matte collection from Barry M. You probably remember the Autumn/Winter Matte collection from 2013 (which I loved so very much!) and now we have six new bright shades to add to the range.

The first thing I noticed about these polishes is that they don't seem to be quite as matte as the original matte collection, they seem to have a bit of a dull shine to them, though very subtle. They feel more satin to me, which is no bad thing because I love that sort of finish! The formulas are all pretty much spot on, no trouble at all and they dry quickly too. I'd recommend wearing a base coat with these just in case of staining because they're highly pigmented!

Copacabana is a bright red with a coral undertone. Such a nice formula, highly pigmented and perfect in two coats.

Waikiki is difficult shade to describe. It's sort of like a murky pistachio with a yellow undertone. That doesn't make it sound nice, but I really like it! This is the only one that was a bit streaky for me, so I used 3 coats to even it out.

Rhossili (I assume this name refers to Rhossili Bay, which is in the UK, making this the only one named after a UK place!) is a perfect magenta. This is 2 easy coats

Malibu is a beautiful bright blue, quite similar to Barry M's Cyan Blue. 2 coats

Miami is a flamingo pink. 2 coats here

Finally, Cancun is a pretty teal shade. This wasn't easy to capture, I'd say it's a touch more green in real life. I'm always happy to add another colour like this to my stash! 2 coats 

I've done a quick comparison with Barry M's new Matte Top Coat, so you can see the differences in finish. The application of the top coat gives a much smoother, true matte finish. Personally I like both, each has their merits! 

I love this collection overall, the formulas are fantastic and the range of colours is perfect. What's not to like!

My Picks: Miami, Cancun and Waikiki


Official release dates are Superdrug June 4th and Boots June 11th.



  1. Great swatches! It's weird how these aren't actually that matte! I think my favourites are Rhossili, Miami and Cancun! ~You can see a big difference with the matte topcoat too! :)

  2. These is lovely, I thought I could live without cause they're quite similar to other Barry M shades but Malibu is mad gorgeous as is Cancun and I'm so loving Miami, might need to rethink. Great swatches as always!! :)

  3. Copacabana, Malibu and Rhossili are my favourites, but I also like Waikiki :) When it comes to the finish, I like both, with matte top coat and without.

  4. Is it me or is the final finished a little stippled? (I can't think of another way to put it!) They look almost rubber-y.
    I love the colours, esepcially Rhossili, but much prefer them with either the matt topcoat or a shiny topcoat.
    Can't believe how good the Matt Topcoat is for £3.99!!!

  5. That green! So ugly it becomes pretty again haha.


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