Friday 13 June 2014

Shimmer Polish Swatches - Cleo and Eva

Today I have two stunning polishes from indie brand Shimmer Polish to show you! I was lucky enough to receive a big bundle of Shimmer to try out, so I'll be sharing swatches over the coming weeks!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Shimmer Polish before, but if you haven't, they are beautiful glitter polishes handmade in California, and the creator of Shimmer gets her inspiration for each polish from a special person in her life. Each polish is jam packed with glitter, definitely no skimping on the ingredients here! There is a huge range to choose from too, so there's something for everybody.

I have Cleo and Eva to show you today, they were the first two I grabbed when I plunged my hand into the pile! Both are in jelly bases so it is possible to wear them alone with around 3 coats, but my personal preference is to match them to a base colour and use them over that. It helps me to get a crisp line around my cuticles (cleaning up glitter is not easy!) and requires less coats of glitter.

Cleo is a beautiful mix of silver, purple, aqua and blue glitters, in a purple jelly base. I've used 2 coats of Cleo over Barry M Plum, and it's the PERFECT match! I think it would look great over an aqua green or black too. The formula is great, not overly thick despite all the glitter and easy to distribute. I used top coat to make it nice and glossy. I really love this mix!

Eva is a finer mix of ruby red and silver glitter, and reminds me of raspberry jam! Very vampy and so pretty. I used 2 coats or Eva over Barry M Raspberry, plus top coat, and it's another perfect match! 

So pleased with my first Shimmer Polish experience! I can't wait to swatch the rest, they're all so pretty I can't stop staring at them on my desk!


You can purchase Shimmer Polish via their Etsy store or their website. International shipping is available!



  1. These nail polishes are both stunning! I love that these nail polishes are inspired by people - it's such a great idea too! I think my favourite out of the two is Cleo! :)

  2. fioletowy jest przepiękny:)

  3. They're both gorgeous but Cleo is the winner for me - gorgeous swatches too

  4. They both look great, but I guess I'd go for the purple one more.

  5. So pretty!
    I'll have to put shimmer polish on my "brands I definitely 100% need to try" list.

  6. I know you hate reds, but it looks awesome on you. Also, yay for Barry M as go-to bases for glitters!

  7. Ahh these are so pretty! :D


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