Sunday 22 June 2014

Laqa & Co. Cagney and Lacey - Swatches and Review

I recently received some Laqa & Co. products from My Retail Beauty to try out, and I have delectable duo Cagney and Lacey to show you today!

The first thing that struck me about these products was the beautiful packaging, and I've since found out that the unique art work on the boxes is done by young artists looking to get their work noticed, which I think is such a great idea! They also get a cut of each product sold. You can find out more about that here. I wish I could tell you who did the art work for the boxes featured here, but I can't find the names anywhere! I feel like they should be more visible on the boxes!

Cagney and Lacey (love the names!) are double ended polishes which include a colour and a gold shard glitter topper (6ml each) The gold shards are quite chunky but they apply really well and lie flat with a coat of top coat. Some may find it a bit awkward to apply a polish while holding the other bottle, but for me I found it actually gave me more control over the brush. 

Cagney is a sheer pink jelly. This needed about 3 coats to achieve opaqueness, but the formula is good and easily buildable. 

Cagney with the gold shard glitter, plus top coat:

Lacey is a mint green creme. This one isn't sheer at all! 2 coats

Lacey with the gold shard glitter, plus top coat:

These are great products with thoughtful packaging, and the pink and green shades match the gold shards perfectly. The only thing I might change is the jelly formula of the pink, it's a bit too sheer for my tastes!

Laqa & Co. is available from My Retail Beauty. Cagney and Lacey are £14.95 each.

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  1. Wow, really cute combination of colours ♥

  2. These look great! I've always loved the idea of double ended nail polishes! The gold shard topper is so unique and Lacey and Cagney are such a nice shades! :)

  3. i love these colors together! I think you need to do some nail art with these :)

  4. I love these double ended polishes, the Revlon Moon Candy got me in polish last year when I saw it at the store, after years of not paying attention to nail polish. I didn't think if like the gold flakes over these colors, but I do!

  5. I've seen these before and love the look of them, maybe something for me to save up for rather than a casual purchase!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  6. Nice. Was it a TV series of the title? I've checked - it was.

  7. These are lovely! Lacey is my personal favourite! :)


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