Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ocean Stripes

I am such a sucker for tropical, ocean-esque blues (and greens!) and this manicure combines two of my favourites!

My base colour is Sally Hansen Ion, a really good base for nail art. I added striping tape (a bit haphazardly! I need to be more careful!) and painted over it with piCture pOlish Ocean, a blogger collab with Kelly's Kolors. My ring finger is also Ocean, but topped with a gorgeous blue glitter, Junkyard by Topshop. I think Junkyard was a limited edition a couple of years ago so sadly no longer available :(



  1. Love this manicure! And the blue polish is adorable <3

  2. Oh my this is beautiful! :D

  3. So beautiful, and the stripes remind me of vintage sailor-inspired dresses... :)

  4. This combination is stunning! I love the simplicity of this! :)

  5. this is gorgeous, i love the stripes, very nautical!

  6. Lovely. I'm a sucker for ocean blues too, particularly when they have glitter!


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