Friday 7 March 2014

Models Own Sticky Fingers Collection Review

Today I have a more detailed look at the new Sticky Fingers Collection from Models Own

Sticky Fingers is a collection of seven polishes that all come with a sheet of nail stickers. The polishes aren't new colours, they're all already part of the Models Own range, but the focus is really on the stickers. 

The packaging is absolutely adorable! From the outside it looks like there's a design on the lids, but it's actually the sticker sheets wrapped around them. There's little windows on the sides of the boxes too so you can see exactly what designs are on each sheet.

You get a polish and one sheet of stickers in each box. There's a good amount of stickers per sheet, enough for a good few manicures! The available sets are:

Pastel Petals which comes with either Lilac Dream or Green Gladiola
Bows which comes with Pastel Pink
Sweet Candy which comes with Nude Beige
Pow Nails which comes with either Black Magic or Red Alert
Drops & Blobs which comes with Snow White.

Can we just talk about the stickers for a second!? They're so ridiculously cute! My favourite is Sweet Candy. The tiny little sweets, cakes and gingerbread men are adorable. There's even mini candy floss! I also love the floral and the comic book style Pow Nails.

There's a few ways you could use these. You could go all out and stick multiple stickers on each nail, you could use them to compliment some nail art, or you could simply do an accent nail. You could also stick them in scrap books, journals, anything really. I've stuck a little cupcake on my phone case! 

I've done a few manicures to show you what they look like on. They're very small and thin so I'd recommend applying with some tweezers, and make sure your polish is completely dry before applying. The instructions recommend using top coat to seal them in, but when I did, it seemed to make some of them curl. Only enough to be noticeable in close ups, but still. 

This is from the Pastel Petals set, with Lilac Dream.

This is from the Bows set, with Pastel Pink.

This is from the Pow Nails set, with Black Magic and Red Alert.

This is the Sweet Candy set, with Nude Beige.

You can even pledge your allegiance to Models Own, should you wish! ;)

Unfortunately I did have a bit of trouble getting some of them to stick down properly, they just seemed to want to curl up. It seemed to be on the nails where I'd used quite a few coats of polish and it perhaps wasn't fully dry underneath. So I stress, you really must have completely dry nails! Other than that though I think this is a cute idea and I love the originality of the stickers. 


- Launching at Models Own Bottleshops, online at and in Superdrug stores throughout March and April. 
- Priced at £6 each



  1. That's so cute! What a great idea :D I want the sweets and bows!!

  2. That's so cool! Great idea:) I like Pow Nails set the most::)

  3. Oh wow I love the look of these! I'm definitely going to be picking up a few. A great idea for a gift too!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  4. The designs are a lot cuter than I thought, and I'd think from a distance (rather than awesome close up photos) they look even better, but I'm not convinced by the material themselves. It looks too much like normal sticker material, and the clear outline would personally drive me mad. Based on my experience with various stickers as well as decals and tattoos, I think you did an amazing job of making a clunky sticker look neat and professional. Not sure I'd shell the money on them though.

  5. Great review! The packaging looks amazing! The stickers are so cute too! I think these are a great idea for accent nails and £6 is a good price too! My favourite is the Bow set! :)

  6. Your nails are beautiful and I think I tend to agree with pretty polish unfortunately. I'm not a fan of the outline around the sticker . Although I do like the bows on your pink nails, and because your nails are so long and such amazing condition I think that's why they're looking a lot better than they would on me ! I wouldn't buy these personally I think they'll reel a lot of their younger fans in with these though :)
    Jamie xox

    1. Polly polish I meant ! Silly iphone corrected me !! Cheeky ;)

  7. I agree with the ladies who've commented on the clear outline. These look cute, but they don't look flat the way that water decals do, and that would drive me crazy. You've made them look lovely, and I can see that for some people these are a great intro to nail art stuff, but I wouldn't buy them as the water decals you can get online are far cheaper and lie flatter and smoother without the outline.

    Having said that, I think the drops & blobs look really interesting - I've never seen decals with that sort of pattern, and I would like to!

  8. I like the look of them but don't know how practical they'd be, maybe if they were water decals rather than stickers they would be better!

  9. The nail polishes are pretty amazing but some of the stickers are not so much, they are kind of weird, blury..? but the black bow with white outline is really nice! You have amazing nail and all look great on your super long and well manicured nails.:-)

    1. They might look like that because my camera is zoomed in. They don't look blurry in real life! and thank you :)

  10. Using topcoat over the stickers should make that clear outline go away. =)

  11. Such a fun stickers.

  12. Great review and insight to what comes with each colour!

  13. I REALLY want the sweet candy one! :D


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