Monday 3 March 2014

Models Own Speckled Eggs Collection Swatches and Review

March sees the release of another brand new Models Own collection - Speckled Eggs! I have swatches of all five shades to show you today.

The Speckled Eggs collection consists of 5 pastel polishes, all packed full of tiny matte black glitter to give it the look of an ornate bird egg, and they also bear more than a passing resemblance to Mini Eggs! I received a tube with my press samples from Models Own, and they may or may not already be eaten (can you imagine opening the tube to take photographs and NOT eating them...the torture!) You may remember Illamasqua releasing similar polishes last year as part of their I'mperfection collection, so if you liked the look of those but found them too expensive, you'll now be able to get your hands on a more affordable version. 

You'll need between 2 and 3 coats for full opaqueness, depending on how thickly you apply and whether you have much of a nail line. They're quite sheer on the first coat, especially Swan and Duck, but I didn't experience any clumpiness or dragging as I applied more coats. They dry down to a semi-matte finish, so I added some top coat to make them glossy and smooth. You could add a matte top coat instead if you want a true Mini Egg look!

(A quick word on why I don't like to mention drying time. Drying time can be dependent on things such as room temperature and where you've had your bottles stored, and even the temperature of your hands... so it's not always the same for everyone. As a rule, I always apply a quick dry top coat anyway, regardless of how quickly a polish might dry, and I'd recommend that to everyone! If you're still interested though, these were touch dry for me in around 10 minutes).

Dove is a pastel pink. I used 3 coats in order to fully cover my nail line. 

Swan is a pastel lilac and the most sheer of the bunch. I used 3 quite thick coats for full coverage. As you can see though, it still went on evenly! No formula trouble here.

Magpie is a minty pastel, and gives me extreme cravings for mint choc chip ice cream! I was seriously tempted to lick the brush. Don't, by the way. This one is my favourite (surprise surprise, Allie likes the green one) I used 3 coats.

Goose is a custard yellow (continuing with the food theme here, I have a problem) I was going to describe it as pastel again but it doesn't look quite pastel to me! 3 coats again

Lastly is Duck (so glad I noticed my typo in time) a cornflour blue. This one is also quite sheer but 3 coats was enough for full coverage. You may find you get pesky bald spots around the tips of your nails, but it's easy enough to touch up.

I couldn't resist trying these with a matte top coat, so I did a quick skittle manicure using all of the polishes. I promise you my thumb is in there somewhere. I absolutely love the matte effect! 

Another lovely collection from Models Own, I can't find any fault with these. They get me in the mood for Spring and easter eggs! 

My picks: Magpie and Dove
If you're only going to buy one, make it: Magpie of course!


- Launching exclusively at all Models Own Bottleshops on March 8th
- Online at and in Superdrug stores from March 12th
- Boots stores from March 19th
- Priced at £5 each



  1. These are SO fun! I love how they look with the matte top coat!

  2. These look beautiful on your (real ;-) ) nails! I was going to resist these as I already own a few speckle polishes, but I really really love the look of the pink and the mint green! Might have to treat myself! Xx

  3. Great swatches! They definitely remind me of mini eggs! I think Swan and Magpie are my favourite! I agree about magpie - it reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream too! They look so nice both matte and glossy! :)

  4. I loved all of them, but my favorite one is Magpie.... very cute!
    Eva -

  5. Omg I want them all, love the colours xx

  6. I cant wait for these :). I will be ordering online as soon as they are released - they are going to be part of a 6 polishes for £20 promo x

  7. The colours look so pretty, I will defiantly be buying these! x

  8. Doing a skittles mani with all the colors is my fav mani!!! I love all of them.

  9. i love it! perfect colors.

  10. Really want these, mini eggs are a total spring association for me lol


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