Friday 21 March 2014

Spring Surprise

I really don't own many indie polishes at all, which might come as a surprise. I have to really love them to buy them and that doesn't happen all too often! I was looking for a nice glitter to apply over this manicure and decided on Candy Lacquer Sugar of my favourite indies ever!

Sugar Skulls is just perfect for Spring with it's mix of colours, and there's even yellow flowers in there! I applied it over Essie Bikini So Teeny on my middle and ring fingers (yes, there is a gradient on my middle finger and there was supposed to be one on my ring finger too but I forgot...sshhh!) then I stamped a floral design from Bundle Monster plate 224 over Essie Mojito Madness. The little green studs are from Born Pretty Store

I had zero idea what I was going for with this, but those are the manicures I always end up loving the most! 



  1. This looks really cute! Perfect for Spring :) I also really like sugar skulls, especially the little flowers in it!

  2. Sugar Skulls is gorgeous! I really need to wear it. I just love Candy Lacquer.

  3. That is such a pretty mani! I love that glitter! And I am a little shocked that you don't have many indies ;) but I think they can be pretty expensive if you're not mad about them! xxxx

  4. Adorable!! Love the use of studs and the glitter gradient, candy skull is such a nice polish, I get you I LOVE indies, but I only own 3 (hopefully it will increase though :)).

  5. So Am I... It's really happy and fresh.

  6. This indie nail polish looks amazing! The studs look so cute with the flowers too! :)

  7. I love this! So pretty :)


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