Tuesday 14 October 2014

Scholl Pedicure Foot Spa Review

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Hello! Today I'm reviewing something a bit different; usually I shy away from anything to do with feet (I'm not a fan of them) but I really wanted to try this Scholl Pedicure Foot Spa. Trust me, my feet needed this!

When you think of at-home foot spas, you probably think of the one your Mum had in the 90s! Thankfully Scholl have modernised the look of them, and they're now much more appealing to the eye (especially this one...I'm a sucker for anything pink) and I was pleasantly surprised at how light it is...I don't know why, but I thought it'd be heavy! (please excuse the living room floor picture, it's a little too big to stuff in my light box!)

It's got loads of little jets in the floor to give your feet a nice bubbly massage (it feels SO good rubbing your feet over them!) plus a massage roller and massage pad in the middle to help revive tired feet.

Included in the kit is a removable pumice stone, which attaches to the top of the spa underneath the waterproof power button which you can handily turn on and off with your feet.

It's super simple to use - just fill with water at your desired temperature, plug in and go! The bubbles start instantly and there's no splashes due to the anti-splash hood. A cool feature of this is the keep-warm technology - it doesn't heat the water, but it'll keep it warm for you! I used the spa for around 15 minutes per session, and the water didn't stay quite as warm as when I filled it, but it certainly didn't go cold either.

Included in the box is a 9 piece nail care kit. You get -

- Nail brush
- Cuticle scissors
- Nail cleaner/Cuticle pusher
- 2x orange/bamboo sticks
- Emery board
- Toe separators
- Storage pouch

I used this a few times before I went on holiday to try and get my feet summer-ready, and it really did help - plenty of soaking and buffing and I had pretty good sandal-worthy feet! It's something you'd have to use quite regularly to maintain, although a ten minute soak is enough per session.

It's other use of course is simply to revive tired, sore feet. If you're on your feet a lot during the day, it'd be nice to sink them into this of an evening! You can use it along with all your favourite foot balms and scrubs, just remember not to add anything to the water or it could block it up! The only con I can find to this is it's a little bit noisy, but not enough to make me not want to use it.


- Available from BootsVery, and Boots stores, priced £29.99.

Press Sample


  1. Like you I'm not much of a fan of feet but I have been wanting a foot spa for ages so this might be the one to get, will have a look for it next time I visit Boots! xx

  2. What a great product for foot SPA. I would love to own one!

  3. I sent email ... look at my proposal. thank you.

  4. This looks like a great device. I would totally get it if it will be available in my country!

  5. mmmm this sounds so nice and relaxing. I don't really like feet either, but sometimes they need some love!

  6. This sounds ideal for tired feet... Which I suffer with 99% of the time. :P

    I'd be tempted to buy something like this but I think a good soak in a bowl does the job for me. ;)

    Good idea for a Christmas present though... :)


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