Monday 6 October 2014

Autumn Animal Nail Art Tutorial for Barry M

I've created a few easy to follow tutorials for Barry M, utilising their Autumn/Winter 2014 Gelly shades (along with a couple of other Gellies too!) for some autumnal looks. The first one is this leopard print design, which may not feature typical autumn colours but the soft neutral look is perfect for this time of year! Read on for the steps...

What you will need:

- Barry M Gelly in Lychee and Chai
- Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black
- Striping Tape or Scotch Tape
- Top coat (preferably a quick dry variety)


1) Paint a base using Barry M Lychee and let it dry completely. You can speed it up with a quick dry top coat if you want to.
2) Lay some tape across the nail where you want the patch to be
3) Fill in carefully with Barry M Chai 
4) Remove tape immediately and wait for it to dry before the next step. Again you can speed up the process with quick dry top coat.
5) Using the black Barry M Nail Art Pen, draw some C shapes, circles and commas for your animal print. The beauty with this is it doesn't have to be neat!
6) Fill in the gaps with some tiny dots. Finish with top coat and you're done!

Keep an eye on Barry M's social media for the rest of the tutorials!

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  1. Great Inspiration !

    I am watching your blog for a while, and really SUPER!

  2. I really like the Barry M Gelly Nail polishes. That colour is a nice one of theirs.

    love the leopard <3

  3. That is so simple and so cool! Love it :)


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