Friday 11 April 2014

Stamping with Princess Tears

It's been a while since a england has graced my blog, which just won't do as they're one of my favourite brands! They recently had a sale, so I picked up three polishes including the beauties I've used in this post.

As I've said many times before, I'm a huge fan of an accent nail! Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a full manicure, or don't have the time, so an accent nail comes to the rescue. The main colour I've used here is Princess Tears, a beautiful muted lilac scattered holo. If you can catch this in the sunlight, you get beautiful flashes of rainbow holo particles. a england are known for their wonderful formula, and this is no different - practically a one coater! 

For my accent nail, I started with a base of Camelot, the most perfect black creme I've ever come across; I only needed 1 coat! I stamped on a design from Bundle Monster plate 223 using Princess Tears. It was originally supposed to be my full nail, but most Bundle Monster images just do not fit my nails so it didn't come all the way to the top :( I saved it by taping off a section and painting over it. I ended up liking it better like this anyway! The ring featured in my pictures is from Topshop



  1. I love both the color and the stamping! @.@

  2. Gorgeous base colour and perfect stamping over the top. So pretty :)

  3. Princess tears looks stunning! I love the design you've stamped for your accent nail too! :)

  4. my first shade of AEngland, love it! and the stamping is gorgeous :)

  5. I must have this polish!!! The photos of it on your nails is nothing short of stunning. (lol, I sigh over your long nailbeds!) Such perfection...

  6. Looks awesome and the stamping design looks cool "halfway", turned out great!

  7. It's gorgeous... I want one.


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