Friday 20 September 2013

Guest Post from Polly Polish - Gloomy Grey-dient

My third and final guest poster is Hannah from Polly Polish. Hannah was probably the first person from the blogging world who I began speaking to regularly outside of social media realms, and she's become a good friend and I appreciate having her around to vent to and discuss ideas with! She's also a fantastic designer and has been known to furnish me with wonderful nail mail. She does lovely tape nail art and gradients, and I'm happy she's created one for my blog today.

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I hope I'm not the only nail polish blogger for whom the awful affliction of cack-handedness strikes at the most inopportune moments. I had such grand plans for this guest post because I'm so excited to have been asked by Allie - she's bloody amazing so I feel quite honoured. What you see here is my 6th attempt at creating something worthy of appearing on Brit Nails, and I'm still not sure I achieved that target. Nevertheless, these are my gradient nails for you today, in my favourite colour, grey.

Even sat here writing this I am wearing a grey dress, cardigan and slippers. It might make some people sad, but I love it. The gloomy effect of these nails is particularly apt given the turn in the weather lately too.

To create this look I used my usual gradient method, but this time I used PVA to mask the skin rather than tape. If you apply it well enough it can make clean up a total breeze, and it also forces me to allow the base coat to dry while the glue does too - I tend to get impatient waiting for polish to dry between coats! The darkest shade is Dior 'Perfecto', then nails inc 'The Thames' (my first ever crystal cap!), followed by Kiko 328 and finally the lightest shade is Kiko 329. When that gradient was dry I applied a gradient of Windestine 'Asbestos' and 'Carbon Copy', two clear based fine glitters. Sadly the Windestine store is closed indefinitely but I recommend signing up to an etsy alert for a possible return as the polishes are lovely.

This did need two top coats to get a completely glossy finish. I don't think I'll ever tire of gradients, which is perhaps evident to anyone familiar with my regular posts. They are relatively easy to do (unless you're having one of  'those' days like me), and wearable for those of you with what I call 'proper jobs' if done in the right colours! 

Thanks for reading my waffle, and thanks again to Allie for allowing me to hijack this post



  1. Looks lovely, the gradient and the glitter is great!! :)

  2. Love it! Can't go wrong with a gradient :) (well you can't lol)

    1. Oh if only you knew the pain I went through to get this one mani! It was like I'd never painted my nails before!

  3. I love the choice of the colour, I really love grey too, Hannah!
    The gradient looks absolutely perfect.



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