Thursday, 26 September 2013

Barry M Royal Glitter Nail Art

All of the new Barry M Autumn/Winter shades go so well together, the mix and match possibilities are endless! The Royal Glitters particularly look nice as an accent nail with the Mattes, for example. Today I've done a tape mani using 2 of the Royal Glitters!

I used 2 coats of Princess as a base, and set it with No7 Stay Perfect top coat. I then taped off some sections with striping tape, and painted over them with Countess (similar to what I did here) and finished with 2 coats of No7 Stay Perfect top coat to make it glossy.

How beautiful do the texture polishes look with some glossy top coat?! 


  1. That gold shimmer makes my heart skip a little <3
    Nice work! x

  2. I am just digging these new Barry M's - I've been into three different superdrug stores hoping to see them and not luck yet!

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  4. Wow this is really good! It looks fab :)x

  5. I love that Barry M are doing texture polish now - your mani looks great!

  6. These are gorgeous..I love the colours together :)

  7. Love the texture of the polish, so nice!


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