Monday 16 September 2013

Barry M Royal Glitter Collection Swatches and Review

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Here is the next installment of my swatches of Barry M's Autumn/Winter releases! Today it's the turn of the Royal Glitter collection, 5 sparkly glitter texture polishes all with Royal inspired names.

When I first saw this collection, my mind immediately went to the OPI Liquid Sand/Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. Unfortunately I don't own any of those polishes as they've just never appealed to me, so I can't compare the formulas and finishes. I can confirm however that the Royal Glitters do have a sandy texture and feel rough and sand-like on the nail, but not overly gritty. In fact it's quite a nice feeling! They also dry matte and contain glitter, much like Liquid Sand and Pixie Dust. 

Application is easy, they're quite dense with glitter and very easy to layer up so you won't need to put them over a base colour. In the right light, they are super sparkly, much more so than my pictures would suggest, so bear that in mind!

Duchess is a champagne coloured glitter with rose-pink undertones full of silver sparkles. It's quite similar to the colour of my natural nails so I had a bit of difficulty seeing where I was applying it! I used two coats.

Countess is a purple based glitter full of little gold, purple and copper flecks. This is the most opaque of the bunch, but I still used two coats for even coverage. This is truly beautiful when it sparkles!

Princess is a medium baby pink with sparkly flecks of silver and gold. Reminds me a bit of glittery Turkish Delight for some reason. 2 coats here

Majesty is a champagne gold with sparkling gold flecks. This one is just gold, gold, gold! 2 coats here

Lastly, Lady is a sparkling slightly off-white that looks like glittering snow. This is my favourite of the bunch, it's so beautiful and seasonal! It has iridescent flecks which don't show up too well on camera, but you can see some in the third picture. It's just gorgeous. I used 3 coats in order to cover my nail line, but you could possibly just use one coat over a white base if you preferred. This looks quite similar to OPI Solitare, though not a dupe.

While these aren't something I would have necessarily gone for myself in a shop, I'm really glad I have them now! I've been wary of liquid sand-esque formulas, always picturing them to be a nightmare, but that isn't the case. They also sparkle a lot more than I was expecting (in the right light!) I'm really happy Barry M has added this sort of polish to their repertoire and look forward to seeing more colours in the future. If you're only planning on buying a couple, make it Lady and Countess!


The Royal Glitter collection will be available in Superdrug from September 25th and Boots from October 2nd, priced at £3.99. International delivery is available on the Barry M website. 

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  1. I love the last one, it looks just like fresh snow!

  2. WOW these are soooo gorgeous! ah-may-ZING swatches!

  3. Lady looks lovelier on you than on me. Sexy swatches again x

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  5. These are lovely, I've been waiting your these swatches and yours are so great!! My favourites are princess and lady, might hope down and get them!! :)

  6. These are so gorgeous, I cannot wait to get some myself.

  7. These look great for glitter polishes!

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  9. Wow those are gorgeous! I love your nails so much! Seems like I'm gonna have to get me my very first Barry M's :D I'm sorry to ask but can you please tell me how big is the bottle? Is it the standard 15ml? Or does the small price tag mean a smaller bottle as well?

  10. It's really amazing how they have such a good coverage, I always have to use a base coat of colour with my glitters.

  11. I wonder how they compare to some of the opi?

  12. I have Duchess, Countess, had Princess but didn't like the colour and decided to buy Majesty - it reminds me of Dolce&Gabbana Byzance style.


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