Sunday 8 September 2013

Dance Legend Chameleon Collection Swatches and Review

Today I've got swatches of the new Dance Legend Chameleon multichrome polishes!

The Chameleon collection consists of 6 shiny multichrome polishes, all named after Monsters Inc. characters! They're smaller at 8ml than regular Dance Legend polishes. I found that the best way to use them is to layer 1 or 2 coats over a plain black creme, because if you use them alone you'll need quite a few coats to build up opacity and the formula tends to slide around a bit on the nail. Layered over a black creme however, they're completely perfect. My pictures were taken indoors in artificial light.

Boggs (091)  is a royal blue base which shifts to purple and a flash of gold (I struggled to pick up the gold with my camera but it is there!)

Roz (092) is a burgundy/magenta base which shifts to gold/green.

Celia (093) is a purple/blue base which shifts to brown/copper. 

Boo (094) is a golden copper base which shifts to a  light golden green

Wazowski (095) is a green base which shifts to a blue/green. This one is my favourite!

Sulley (096) is a purple base which shifts to turquoise. This is also a favourite!

I can't believe how stunning these are! I love that they're inspired by Monsters Inc. characters and they're amazingly easy to apply (over a black creme as suggested) I think I'm even more impressed by these than I was by their holo collection!

You can buy these direct from the Dance Legend website for $8 each. Ninja Polish and Llarowe are stockists of Dance Legend in the US. 



  1. Love your swatches and the polishes are so gorgeous!!!

  2. Wow - all of these colors are simply stunning! Great pics!

  3. Oh these are crazy! I haven't seen any colours like these before :) xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  4. Oh my word - they are all amazing! Sulley is just Gorgeous. Yes, with a capital G!!

  5. I love the inspiration behind these! I really like Sulley and Roz, but they're all goregeous.

  6. wow your swatches are just so perfect! You make me want these polishes now!

  7. lovely photos...I am really enchanted with this collection!

  8. WOW these are amazing, soooo gorgeous!

  9. Gah! go away with your awesome! I need these now. Sadly I will never have the range of colour shifting that your long nail beds achieve!

  10. Want. All of them. Full stop. :)

  11. Stunning... Can't say anything else...


  12. Queria tanto essa coleção! Mas tá complicado pra comprar Dance Legend no Brasil... além de ser caro, conheço várias lojas em que as caixas voltaram pra Rússia ao invés de chegar aqui ):
    Mas eu estou completamente apaixonada na coleção! Adoro multichromes, e com os nomes de Monstros S.A. então.... aaah, quero muito *-*

  13. omg!!! They're all one coat over black? Your swatches are amazing!! <3

  14. nice nails


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