Wednesday 3 April 2013

New Spring/Summer launches from Barry M - Nail Art Pens and Nail Paint Corrector Pen!

Barry M announced some new products today (they're spoiling us lately!) which includes nail art pens! They come in black, silver, white and pink. I've never been able to get the hang of nail art pens I've used in the past, so I'm hoping I get on okay with these ones!

From Barry M: "Decorate your nails with Barry M’s Nail Art Pens! The extra fine tip and easy grip bottle means you can design with ease. Simply shake the bottle well before use and pump the tip until the colour starts to flow"

They also announced a nail paint corrector pen! I wonder if this will be good for getting a clean line around your cuticles?

From Barry M: "Tidy up your mani with Barry M’s melon scented, acetone-free Nail Paint Corrector Pen. It’s easy to use and comes with 2 replacement tips"

The pens and corrector pen will be available at Superdrug from April 10th, and Boots from April 17th! All priced at £4.99 each.

I will have a review of these up soon. Will you be trying them? Do you use nail art pens often?

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  1. These look awesome, can't wait!

  2. They look fab! I hope they won't disappoint because I'm already excited!

  3. Like I don't give Barry M enough of my money!

    I'll give these a whirl.


  4. Ooh! I use corrector pens which I've bought abroad a lot so I am very interested in this version but I don't like the price!

  5. Really excited!! esp for correcter pen! Contacted to see if they'll be carrying these, since only US seller I know of that sells Barry M. *crosses fingers*


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