Thursday 25 April 2013

New Barry M Summer 2013 Launches!

I know there's been much news on here lately, but I just can't help sharing! A couple of days ago I showed you the new Sequin Nail Effects, and now I can share with you the rest of Barry M's Summer releases for 2013!

First, say hello to the Summer Gellies! The Summer Gelly Nail Paint collection consists of -

Key Lime
Passion Fruit
Blue Grape

How delicious do they look? Nail art ideas are swirling in my head...

Secondly, introducing Confetti Nail Effects!

"New Confetti Nail Effects is the perfect party for your nails.  Filled with confetti sprinkles that brush on smoothly, make your nails pop with 5 sweet inspired shades." - From Barry M

Shades available are -
Dolly Mixture
Sour Apple

These are similar to the Nails Inc. Feather collection. Great to have a more affordable alternative!


Available in Superdrug from June 5th and Boots from June 12th. A long time to wait, I know! The press release for these went out a little earlier than planned!

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  1. OH GOD i need key lime, guave and blue grape and at least the bubblegum of the 'feathers' one i already have loreal confetti and an in vogue feathers which match a few of the others.

    damn you barry m!

  2. Love the Gellies! Not so fond of the confetti nail effect. It reminds me of small bugs :/

  3. More Gellys and in such pretty colours, my poor bank balance!

  4. Barry M are bringing out so much good stuff lately! Can't wait to try all of these.

  5. Barry M are bringing out so much good stuff lately! Can't wait to try all of these.

  6. ohhh my gosh these are the prettiest polishes i have ever seen!!1 i love them :)

  7. I'm so glad Barry M are bringing these out! I hope they make good dupes for the Nails Inc feather look ones..they're just to expensive!


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