Friday 12 April 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pens Review

A few days ago I posted about the announcement of the new Barry M Nail Art Pens, and now that they're in my grubby mitts, I have a review for you!

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The pens are available in Black, White, Silver and Pink. Unfortunately I didn't receive the pink one but it will obviously be exactly the same...only,!

The tips (I wanted to say nibs, but nibs is a silly word!) are made of hard plastic and the idea is to pump it a few times until the polish starts to flow down the tip, and then away you go. No squeezing involved! You may find a bit too much flows down the sides of the tip, but it's easily wiped away if you need to.

The polish inside the pens seems to be thinner than regular polish, so it flows easily down the tip and your 
designs won't be bumpy. 

You must make sure your nails are completely dry before you use the pens, otherwise they'll catch on the polish and drag it! I also noticed that sometimes the polish seems to slide on the surface of your nail, I'm not sure why though because it only did it now and again!? If it happens to you, just go over that part again and it seems to fix it.

I've created a couple of manis to show what you can do with them. First I did a leopard print, and I have to say it's probably the best leopard print I've ever done! Admittedly I'm not too familiar with nail art pens, as I'm a brush kind of girl, but I was impressed with how this turned out compared to my attempts with brushes and dotting tools. Base colour is Barry M Greenberry, and the rest was done with the pens.

Secondly, I did a skittle mani to show a few different designs. Base colour is Barry M Pink Flamingo.

They're great for doing stripes and polka dots! I also found they're good for doing quick outlines like on the diamond. I definitely prefer these to the types of pens which have a thin needle and require you to squeeze them, which I've never been able to get on with. They'd be great for sticking in your suitcase to take on holiday too as there's no mess and no clean up!


Available now in Superdrug and on

Available in Boots from April 17th. Priced £4.99 each.

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  1. Wow! These look great, I love all the different designs you've tried.

  2. I am impressed!! I have a couple pens from Essence that seem to work like these barry M's do, but I never attempted complicated designs like you did... And I gotta tell you that leopard print is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen! Love it! Kisses,


  3. You make me want to rip my designs off and try more stuff!

  4. I cant wait to buy these, really hope my local superdrug store sells them. Designs with them look amazing.

  5. I want these. Will wait for an offer to get them :)

  6. I've always wondered how do you do a duplicated design on your right hand if your right handed.?

    1. Practice! That's all you can do really. My right hand is never quite as good as my left, so I never use it in my pictures.

  7. Those polkadots are perfect! I also love the leopard print you did :)

  8. i love all your designs! my favorite it the diamond, so pretty!

  9. I got the black and white today! Can't wait to try the polka dots like you've done. I usually suck at them but hopefully, these will make it easier!

  10. I ordered all of these yesterday and I can't wait to try them. I really like the designs you have created with these :)

  11. Adorei estas canetas, quero muito e vou procurar pra comprar! Ajuda muito nas decorações...

    Beijo e excelente fim-de-semana flor!

  12. Absolutely LOVE the Turquoise Leopard print Mani!

  13. Where do i buy These pens? I really love your designs and i want to try Them myself!!


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