Thursday 25 April 2013

Dance Legend Thermo and ThermoTRIO - Review and Swatches

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This is the first of a few posts I have coming up on Dance Legend polishes. Dance Legend are a Russian brand and their huge range includes glitters, holos, textures and thermo colour changing polish, which change colour with the temperature. I'll be showing you those today!

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First we have #170 (The Thermo polishes have numbers rather than names, which will probably just confuse me) which is a very dark purple-black in the bottle/on cold nails. As soon as you apply it to your nails, the colour starts to change to a bright red with the warmth of your hands.

This is what it looks like on cold nails (mostly cold, you can already start to see a colour change)

As it warms up, it changes to red -

As it transitions from purple/black to red and back again, it creates interesting effects on your nails -

The colours change quite frequently, I noticed it change a lot just walking around the house as all of a sudden I'd have a gradient on my nails, or black tips!

As far as formula is concerned, it's not the best but also not the worst. It gets a bit gloopy if you put too much on at once, so I'd recommend 2 thin coats. It dries to a semi-matte finish which I wasn't a big fan of, so I added a glossy top coat and it looked much better. I like that the bottle cap is quite big because it gives better control, and the brush is quite wide too which I always prefer.

Next is #1. This one is a tri-coloured polish called ThermoTRIO and turns 3 different colours! It goes from dark(ish) purple on cold nails and in the bottle, to light purple as it starts to warm up, and finally light blue when it's warm.

Cold -

Warm -

Transitions - 

I was really impressed with this one, it looked so pretty as it moved through the colours. I found that I kept looking at my nails to see what it was doing! Formula was the same as #170, 2 thin coats was enough. 

Dance Legend polishes (15ml)  are available from, with $10 worldwide shipping. 

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  1. Those are STUNNING! I am obsessed with colour changing polishes.

  2. I am so jealous of your nail beds normally, but this is just insane. I never get these transitions with thermals! the red! gasp!

  3. i love color changing polish! these are so pretty!

  4. These are really cool! I like the look of both of them.

  5. I thing they look interesting. I think I need to try some.

  6. They look great :D such a great idea for a polish x

  7. Wow! That looks awsome!

    I was looking to order these from her website but can anyone tell me how she ships the polishes?

    Does she mark them as gift?


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