Friday 28 December 2012

Brit Nails 2012 Favourites

Here's my 2012 favourites post. I've only picked six posts, I wanted to keep it quite short...I originally picked ten and it was hard casting some out! They're all just my personal favourites, the ones I thought turned out the best and were the most fun to do.

These are not in any order, because I probably would have taken about 17 hours picking an order of favourites as I am the most indecisive person EVER. 

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This is such a simple design but it got so many compliments when I was wearing it!

The rose design is probably my favourite Bundle Monster stamp, and stamping with Lesbihonest on white just worked out perfectly.

I did this to celebrate the latest season of True Blood, which in all it's Over The Top glory remains one of my favourite shows!

This was my first ever tribal design, and is my most replicated and re-posted design (almost always without permission or credit but we won't go there) 

This is one of my newer designs, and I think that shows in the picture quality. At least, I hope it does! 

Another simple but effective one, this has been called everything from fabulous to trashy. I think I prefer trashy.

And those are my favourites! I'm not making any New Year Resolutions in any aspect of my life, including my blog. I'd like to post more often but that's all really...if my nails will stop snapping!

Do you have any Resolutions, for your blog or otherwise?



  1. Love the hearts, so simple, but really gorgeous. :)

  2. fabulous, all of them. I love them all :)

  3. The last one truly is trashy, awesomeee <3

  4. Disco Tiger is FABULOUSLY trashy, I love it!

    Definitely going to try the heart one too :)


  5. Wow, those tribal nails look like they took awhile! Nice work!

  6. They are all very nice, but the colorful hearts won my heart!

  7. Love the hearts, look so cool!

  8. The hearts are my favourite :-)

  9. So pretty! Love the candy cane one :) (and yes the picture quality is fantastic!)


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