Thursday 6 December 2012

Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Christmas Glitter - Swatches and Review

Barry M recently released some Limited Edition nail paints for Christmas. There are two available at Superdrug, and two available at Boots, and you get one free when you spend £6. I picked this one up yesterday in Superdrug, my eyes immediately went to it on the stand! 

It contains different sized red, green and blue hexagonal glitter in a clear base. The glitter isn't densely packed, so it's best used as a top coat over another colour. 

Here's two coats of glitter over one coat of Barry M Cyan Blue (with top coat to smooth out the glitter)

It's so festive, I really like it!

I also tried it over two coats of Barry M Blackberry Gelly

Glitters like this can be prone to leaving air bubbles on your nails, but I encountered very few with this one. If you're having trouble with placement of the glitter, try dabbing it on, and don't forget to smooth out with top coat when you're done! May I also recommend using PVA glue as a base coat when using glitter polishes...more details can be found here. No more scrubbing!



  1. Very pretty glitters! Love the photos:)

  2. I really like both combos. I'm sad I don't have access to Barry M.

  3. I love this over blackberry. I just need an excuse to head into boots and super drug now :)

  4. My Superdrug and Boots never have this limited edition :( Looks like such a cool glitter.

  5. ooooh I've got this, can't wait to try it, great idea using it over the purple:)


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