Saturday 1 December 2012

Random Swatch Saturday - Illamasqua Poke

The amount of un-swatched polishes I have sent me into a flap earlier, so I decided to create Random Swatch Saturday. Every Saturday (unless I forget, which let's face it, is likely) I'll post a random swatch from my stash. It's not the only time I'll post swatches, but it'll allow me to go through my stash including my untried polishes regularly.

I'm starting with Illamasqua Poke. This is a gorgeous rich violet, packed with shimmer. As you can see, my picture angles etc. are changing lately, due to me messing about with my light box. I think this set are my favourite and I might stick with these angles. Opinions?

I used two coats and top coat, and the formula is gorgeous. So glad I got this when it was on sale!



  1. Poke looks like a dull Tomorrow never dies. I like the idea, bur this varnish was not my cup of tea.

  2. greatttt pics of this! i just bought this the other day, i had overlooked how pretty it is so many times. love it


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