Monday 25 June 2012

Jewellery Inspired

I'm not sure what to call this design/pattern. I sat for ages thinking of something. Any ideas? Abstract maybe? I don't know. So for the title of this post I went with the ever-so-imaginitive 'Jewellery Inspired'.

The pattern is from an owl locket I got from eBay ages ago. 

(Quick question, when it comes to nail art, do you prefer pictures where the person is holding the bottle or not?)

The base colour is H&M Golden Temptress, and the pattern is black acrylic paint, painted on with a teeny tiny nail art brush, finished with a NYC top coat.

It took ages to get all those fiddly little patterns on! This has some serious staying power too, I've had it on for days and it hasn't chipped or even worn away at the tips.

Here's the owl locket - 

I really like this and might try it with some different colours.



  1. Super cute, matches the earrings :)

  2. What a cool design!! And I prefer holding onto something when taking pics ;)

  3. soo cute, love that locket. always love to see the bottle!

  4. This is so great :) I love seeing the locket too to see where you drew your inspiration from! Also - I like bottle pictures :)


  5. This is gorgeous, looks like it took so much effort! x

  6. This looks so awesome! Definitely worth the time spent creating it. And, I like both pictures with and without the bottle.

  7. This is so great, and then you have the owl to boot! I adore owls! You did an amazing job of replicating the design. Well done you!


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