Sunday 17 June 2012

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream - Swatches

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Anyway, I'm in an ice cream kind of mood today. Has anyone tried those Ben & Jerry's core things? Ugh, they should be made illegal for being so fatteningly amazing. I digress.

This is Lemon Ice Cream from Barry M, it's part of a set of four 'ice cream' shades.

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

It's a bright lemon, pastel creme (can something be bright AND pastel at the same time? Well, this is!) and I am not sure how well it goes with my olive skin. 

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

It's very, very...yellow. I enjoy it though. Formula is typical of a pastel creme (a little thin and streaky) but also has the typical smoothness of a Barry M, so it balances out. I used three thin coats, but there's still a tiny bit of visible nail line.

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

It looks much yellower in some lights (above)

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

It's made me want to eat some lemon sorbet actually.



  1. Lovely yellow :) It reminds me of lemon sorbet too!!

  2. Finally I have laid my eyes on a perfect lemon pastel colour! Off to buy this!! Thanks for this review :)


  3. It's a lovely yellow, a lovely soft shade.

  4. Pretty colour, I love all of the Barry M colours, especially the pastels.

  5. this is soooo pretty! if it were me id be licking my fingers all day with that polish on! but im sure that would taste terrible

  6. Your picture quality is always great. I love this shade so pretty for nail designs. I bought my sinful colours in the factory shop but for what i heard the poundland also has some :)

    1. Aw thank you! :)

      ooh really...I'll be looking out for those then, never seen Sinful in the UK before!


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