Friday 1 April 2016

Colors By Llarowe Spring 2016 - Cremes and Shimmers

Colors By Llarowe Spring 2016 - Cremes and Shimmers

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Colors By Llarowe have released two brand new collections for this Spring - A Tribute To a Wonderful Friend, and Cremes & Shimmers - the latter of which I'm showing you today. This collection consists of two squishy jelly cremes and two shimmers. I'm loving seeing all the brights around at the moment - as I haven't blogged for a while I feel like I'm still stuck in the Autumn/Winter season!

Barney Sucks is a sensationally squishy purple jelly creme. This can look a true purple or more of a lilac depending on your light source - either way it's lovely. This is 2 coats plus top coat.

Colors by Llarowe Barney Sucks

Ain't Nobody Leavin' 'til We Sing The Blues is a vibrant royal blue jelly creme. You could swim in this! (maybe) 2 coats plus top coat

Colors by Llarowe Ain't Nobody Leavin' 'til We Sing The Blues

Freeze Frame is a midnight blue base with blue shimmer. 2 coats wasn't quite enough with this one but it was flawless after 3.

Colors by Llarowe Freeze Frame

Lastly - and my favourite - is Bow Chicka Wow Wow, a neon coral pink with blue and purple shimmer. This is so bright and summery, I'll be wearing this one in Florida. 2 coats plus top coat

Colors by Llarowe Bow Chicka Wow Wow

These shades are great to transition us from Spring into Summer, and I seriously can't get enough of Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Let me know your thoughts!


- Available now to pre-order from Llarowe



  1. I have been dying to get Bow Chicka Wow Wow since I've seen the first swatch! But my wallet say NO, but your swatches say YEEEESSSS! Gorgeous review Allie

  2. Beautiful swatches Allie! I don't feel like I'm getting to get any of these but Bow Chicka Wow Wow would be my first pick!

  3. Soooo happy to see you posting, missed your flawless swatches! I agree, Bow Chicka Wow Wow is stunning! Love that shimmer!

  4. Gorgeous as always Allie, I love the finish on these polishes so much.
    Vicky @thepolishlist

  5. The blue jelly is my jam! Though I'm very intringued by Bow Chicka Wow Wow which seems perfect for summer.

  6. Oooooh! Making me fall in love again! So lovely. Great swatches!

  7. I love how Freeze Frame throws some purple hints from certain angles! It's gorgeous!

  8. I just adore how squishy they look :D

  9. Gorgeous swatches, did The blue stain at all?


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