Saturday 30 April 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion

Barry M Coconut Infusion
Coconut Infusion is a new range of nail polish from Barry M, with a new formula consisting of coconut oil and coconut water which promises to deliver hydrated and nourished nails. The line has launched with 9 shades for Spring/Summer which I have to show you today.

I'm intrigued by a polish containing coconut oil because I'm a big fan of it (I put it on anything and everything) but unfortunately as a blogger I rarely wear a polish long enough to test it to its full potential. I can tell you though that the formula of these polishes is amazing - and let's be honest, that's all most of us care about. It's smooth and self-levelling and every one was perfect in two coats (even the lighter colours, which is a pleasant surprise) 

In comparison to the Gelly line that we all love so much, they're definitely a lot creamier with a thinner formula. They're more similar to the Quick Dry range but with a better formula - they also dry really fast. If you're interested in seeing comparisons to other Barry M colours, I'd suggest checking out this post by One Nail To Rule Them All. Alice did a great job comparing!

Skinny Dip is a nude beige. Hard to believe this was only 2 coats! I haven't used top coat in any swatches so you can see how shiny they are.

Barry M Skinny Dip

Laguna is a cornflower blue. 2 coats

Barry M Laguna

Starfish is a light tan. 2 coats

Barry M Starfish

Flamingo is a peachy orange. 2 coats

Barry M Flamingo

Tiki Hut is a dark tan. 2 coats

Barry M Tiki Hut

Sunkissed is a medium tan, somewhere in between Starfish and Tiki Hut. 2 coats

Barry M Sunkissed

Bikini is a minty green. 2 coats

Barry M Bikini

Aloha is a hot pink. 2 coats

Barry M Aloha

Surfboard is a pale lilac with pink tones. 2 coats

Barry M Surfboard

I'm so pleased with the formula of this line, I encourage you to try them yourself! The only niggle I have is that there seems to be a lot of browns for one release, however you have a better chance of finding one to suit your skin tone, I suppose. Let me know what you think!

My picks: Surfboard, Bikini, Skinny Dip, Flamingo


- Available now from Boots, Superdrug and Barry M, priced £4.99 each.



  1. I also posted my review today - snap! However your swatches are so beautiful! Your nails are goals and I love how perfectly smooth you get your swatches. Yes I'm a little in love 😍

  2. Beautiful swatches and beautiful polishes. I ordered mine at Superdrug online a couple of days ago - it's only £25 for the whole collection for a few more days! That's a pretty good saving - glad they are good quality too!

  3. These sound so incredible, I totally want to try them!! I adore Laguna and Bikini. Gorgeous swatches!

  4. These look great! I like all of them but Laguna really stood out to me.

  5. I was already loving Skinny Dip but learning it's perfect in 2 coats, that's even better!

  6. Your swatches are amazing!!! Love your nails <3 x

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