Friday 6 May 2016

Barry M Summer '16 Launches Roundup

Barry M Summer 2016 Launches

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You guys love a Barry M roundup post, so I've put one together for the brand new Summer 2016 launches! It's definitely not your typical Summer range and strays away from anything bright to focus on classic and natural shades, and there's plenty of new nail releases to satiate us. 

I'll start with the nail launches which is probably what you're all the most interested in. We of course already have the Coconut Infusion polishes which I showed you a few days ago, and now we have...

Molten Metal Nail Paint - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

Barry M's official foray into metallic polishes. Hoping they stamp well!

L-R: Gold Digger, Copper Mine, Bronze Bae, Silver Lining. £3.99 each

Lolly Gloss Nail Paint - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

Raspberry and Strawberry scented transluscent jelly polishes, designed for layering up and creating stained glass effect nail art (possibly similar to OPI Color Paints et al)

L-R: Pink Candy, Purple Pop, Orange Fizz, Cherry Drop. £3.99 each

Boots Limited Edition Nail Paints - Available 11th May only in Boots

Barry M have gone with a shimmering sand and a tan creme for the Boots exclusives. These will work perfectly together in a manicure.

L-R: Golden Sands, Beachy Keen. £3.99 each

Superdrug Limited Edition Nail Paints - Available 11th May only in Superdrug

For Superdrug's exclusives, there's a light tan shimmer and a pink/gold shimmer. £3.99 each

L-R: Carnival Couture, Festival Fever

Now for the makeup...

Hide & Chic Palette - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

Bronzer, Blusher and Highlighter palette featuring bronzing powder, two blushers and two light-reflecting highlighters. I'll be popping this in my suitcase!


Let's Be Clear Lip Fixer - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

A new liner that claims to lock your lippy in place and prevent feathering, sliding or budging. It works with any lip colour and on any skin tone and can also be used to fill in lines. Sounds like a wonder product, I could definitely do with a hand battling feathering...high hopes for this!


Lip Oils - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

I'm always happy to try any moisturising lip product because I get super dry lips, I'm a little bit sceptical about putting oil on them though! I can't wait to try them and see if they live up to the hype. Have you ever tried lip oil before?

L-R: Berry Good, Coco Loco. £4.99 each

Lip Liners - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

I've actually only recently got in to lip liners - I know, how terrible. I'm building up my colour palette and these classic shades are so pretty.

L-R: Rose, Blush, Toast. £2.99 each

Illuminating Strobe Cream - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

Just as you think you've mastered contouring, along comes strobing. I love that these come in chubby stick form so you can just swipe it on and blend.

L-R: Frosty Pink, Iced Bronze. £4.49 each

It's a Brow Thing - Available 4th May in Boots, 11th May in Superdrug

This is a powder designed for filling in your brows. It'll take a lot to divert me from my Sleek brow kit but I'm curious to try the loose powder and the claim of seamless blendability.

£4.99 each

Makeup Bags - Superdrug exclusive, available now

A range of 4 super cute makeup bags! I received the purple striped one and I love it, it's coming on holiday with me next week. 

£6.99 each

There's definitely a few products I can't wait to try, the lip oils especially intrigue me. I'm always amazed by the range of affordable products Barry M manages to come out with on each launch and they haven't let us down this Summer. Polish swatches will be up ASAP, I'm going on holiday next week but I'll get swatching before then. Sit tight!

What catches your eye? Would you have preferred typical summery brights or are you all for the classic shades? 



  1. Love this round up post, I'm loving the Lolly Gloss and Lip Oils. They're perfect for summer. Where you off on holiday? I hope you have a lovely time.
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky! I'm liking the oil so far. I'm going to Disneyworld! x

  2. Great post, Allie! I've already tried the Molten Metals polishes and they look awesome on nails. Not so crazy about the Lolly Gloss polishes, you need at least 4 coats! The lip oil is more like more water lip gloss :)

    1. I'm liking the oil so far, it does feel just like a gloss but a bit lighter. Can't wait to try the metals!

  3. Hmmm ... some lovely colours and finishes. I'm intrigued by the Lolly Gloss polishes, I've been looking at various sheer polish brands for leadlighting etc. If you review those at some point, I'll be interested to see how they work for nail art. :)

    1. I'll be reviewing them at some point, just have a crazy busy month! I'm going to try leadlighting with them though, hoping they're good for that


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