Friday 19 February 2016

M.Y.N.X London & Kandy Colors

M.Y.N.X London

Today I have some M.Y.N.X London and Kandy Colors polishes to show you. M.Y.N.X is a UK based brand, and Kandy Colors is their line of create-your-own polishes.

My Sherry Amore is a magenta foil. The formula is flawless and it applied beautifully in 2 coats.

M.Y.N.X London My Sherry Amore

M.Y.N.X London My Sherry Amore

The next 3 polishes are from Kandy Colors, a part of the M.Y.N.X website where you can create your own mini polish by choosing pigments and finishes. I didn't get to choose these so unfortunately they're nameless, but you can name your own in the creation process. 

Lime green - this has a bright lime green base and loads of gold and green shimmer. The formula is nice, a little thick but manageable. 2 coats plus top coat

Red - this has a raspberry red base with subtle silver and blue shimmer. The blue shimmer unfortunately doesn't translate to the nail! Lovely formula, perfect in 2 coats.

Sand - this has a sandy nude base with pink and gold shimmer. This is my favourite out of the set, however the formula doesn't match up to the previous polishes. I needed 3 coats to even it out as it was quite streaky.

It was fun to try out Kandy Colors and they definitely have an indie feel to them, although I think I'm much more drawn to the main M.Y.N.X line; if My Sherry Amore is anything to go by, they're wonderful quality polishes.

What do you think of these, is a creating your own polish something that appeals to you? 


- M.Y.N.X and Kandy Colors are available from the M.Y.N.X website.

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  1. Gorgeous swatches as usual, I love the colours.



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