Thursday 6 August 2015

True Brit London Swatches and Review

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Today I have swatches from a new-to-me brand, True Brit London. They're a British brand (as you might have gathered) and I love featuring British brands on the blog! Their polishes are 6-free and are made with Vitamin E, Elderflower and Rose extract...sounds fancy, so let's take a look

My polishes arrived in a sleek black magnetic box, adorned with True Brit London ribbon with the polishes safely nestled amongst shredded paper. I'm a sucker for branded packaging!

True Brit London

I was sent 6 colours plus a top coat and base coat. Gloss Top Coat is quite a thick one, it has a plumping effect and isn't quick dry, but is perfect if you want a super glossy finish. Caviar Base Coat is a creamy pink base that dries clear and filled my ridges pretty well, even though it's not advertised as a ridge filler. Really loved the base coat, actually! 

The bottles are quite unique, they're big chunky squares and very sturdy (the square lid removes to reveal a smaller round one)

True Brit London

Minted is a mint green creme with subtle silver shimmer. The shimmer is more visible in real life than on camera! Lovely formula, I used 2 coats plus gloss top coat

True Brit London Minted
True Brit London - Minted

Covent Garden is a coral pink creme. Another great formula, I used 2 coats plus gloss top coat

True Brit London Covent Garden
True Brit London - Covent Garden

Golly Gosh is a buttercup yellow jelly. This took 4 coats to build up alone, which is much too sheer for my tastes, but you could layer it over a white and only need 1-2 coats. Shown is 4 coats plus gloss top coat

True Brit London Golly Gosh
True Brit London - Golly Gosh

Rule Britannia is a warm red creme. Super pigmented, 1 coat formula! Shown is 1 coats plus gloss top coat

True Brit London Rule Britannia
True Brit London - Rule Britannia

Chelsea is a bright blue shimmer with teeny tiny glassflecks. "Blended with soft pearls" according to the website! Beautifully shimmery in real life. I used 3 thin coats plus gloss top coat but you could get away with 2 thick ones. 

True Brit London Chelsea
 True Brit London - Chelsea

True Brit London Chelsea
True Brit London - Chelsea (macro) 

Shoreditch is a black creme with fine silver glitter. The formula here was a bit too thick to use so I thinned it out with polish thinner and it was good to go. I used 2 coats plus gloss top coat

True Brit London Shoreditch
 True Brit London - Shoreditch

True Brit London Shoreditch
True Brit London - Shoreditch (macro)

The cremes here have a great formula and I love the glitter I tried, it's just a shame it needed thinning out before use! True Brit London have some lovely looking collections including English Rose and Contemporary, let me know what you think!


- Available online from True Brit London

Connect with True Brit London: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Press Sample


  1. I've never heard of this brand before! The bottles look nice, but I can't find how much ml are in them? They look like minis? I really love Minted on you!

    1. 10ml so not mini! Adding that to the post now!

  2. This is such a gorgeous collection of polishes, I love Shoreditch!


  3. I gotta agree with you: appealing, pretty packaging is just the best!
    Loved Rule Britannia, Mint and Covent Garden are my favourite from the bunch.

  4. Beautiful colors...and I love the packaging! Very dramatic! :)

  5. Love how it's packaged up like a gift box, it would feel like such a treat getting that in the mail! Minted looks utterly fabulous on you, as does Golly Gosh - but I agree, 4 coats is a bit of a deal breaker.

  6. This brand is new to me too, but they have some very nice colours here, and the packaging is quite unique! I love Minted and Shoreditch.

  7. never heard of them before ;) the bottles are gorgeous! the colours look very interesting :)

  8. I love the packaging. I get so excited for well packed polishes! They're all really lovely, and I really like that yellow but such a shame about four coats. You make four coats look so good though!

  9. I love Chelsea. It's lively and original. I'll get this at some stage.

  10. They looks gorgeous but a bit pricey for me :(


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